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5 ways to beat overwhelm as a digital entrepreneur

5 Ways to beat overwhelm as a digital entrepreneur

Overwhelm is a familiar feeling for many of us, particularly when we have to "show-up" so often and when working for yourself can lead to a lack of structure. Here's 5 ways you can beat that feeling and go back to flourishing as a CEO...

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My Top Productivity Hacks every solopreneur should know!

My Top Productivity Hacks every solopreneur should know!

Are organisation and time-management a weak area for you and your business? Is your to-do list endless and overwhelming? Are you working constantly but not really getting anything done? You need these hacks...

Best apps for digital content creators and entrepreneurs

Best Apps for digital content creators and entrepreneurs

My journey started with blogging and content creation, so I know my way around an app or two!

Here's a list of the apps that I cannot live without as my own boss and CEO of a digital business...

Holly Wood sat in chair laughing branding photoshoot

How to prepare for your branding photoshoot

Finally invested in some professional photos for your website, social media and digital marketing channels? Your branding photoshoot can really be the icing on the proverbial cake for your brand launch or update. Here's how to prepare...

You're too focussed on the instagram algorithm

If you're on instagram to market your business, chances are you're obsessed with getting 10k followers and the coveted swipe-up, the number of likes on each post and the blinkin' algorithm. But are you actually using the algorithm as an excuse to not change things up a bit...

Is Imposter Syndrome beating you? Here's 5 ways to beat it back!

Tell me there are any entrepreneurs and CEOs out there who haven't felt imposter syndrome at some stage of their career?! I don't think they exist! It's normal, it means you care and here's how you can beat it...

3 Things to Know Before Working from Home

Working from home seems like the easy option for those who haven't done it before right? Manage your own time, work in your PJs, lunch in front of the telly... wrong! Well not if you're doing it right anyway! Having worked from home for 5 years now, here's 3 things you have to know before you make the decision...

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