The Formula to Flourish

from confusion & overwhelm to clarity & focus, with your digital marketing strategy in just 6 weeks

A 6-week course with live guidance from me, your digital marketing & mindset mentor. Taking you through the essential elements to build & grow a brand or business online.

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Is this for you?

You are in the right place if... are ready to start growing your audience into real customers or clients want to get rid of the overwhelm and move forward with your digital marketing strategy with confidence and purpose are ready to shift your mindset and stop focusing on the fails and recognise the successes

Whether you're a service-provider, solopreneur, small business owner, content creator... or aspiring to be, you're in the right place!

Over 6 weeks, I'm going to guide you through the essential digital marketing & mindset tools that you need to truly flourish as an entrepreneur & business.

home desk setup with writing this is your time

Nailing your digital marketing strategy & equipping yourself with the right practical & cognitive tools, gives you the confidence & freedom to flourish in your business, grow multiple channels of income online & work flexibly in a way that works for you.

Bringing Clarity & Focus to your digital marketing strategy

For busy solopreneurs and small businesses - the stuff you actually need to know and how to do it in the most efficient way!

6 weeks

& 24 lessons.

You will receive 6 weeks of video content & accompanying materials.

There will be a weekly live with me to help you as you go.

Approx. 2 hours learning & 2 hours implementing per week!

Go at your own pace with lifetime access!

No fluff.

I'm not promising get-rich-quick, or bullsh*t insta-growth techniques.

These are good practice, need-to-know marketing techniques that you can actually implement and maintain consistently.

A practical and cognitive toolkit.

Less noise.

No overwhelm, no unnecessaries.

Clear-cut, succinct learning with actionable homework and guidance each week.

Leave with a plan of action for the months to come.

Holly Wood flourish digital marketing mentor work with me standing up by chair

Hey There Busy Solopreneur!

I get it! You are launching and running a business, juggling work/life/kids and time is precious. You're sick of all the jargon, you can't keep up with the "insta algorithm" chat and you can't be arsed with TikTok.

There's so much noise out there on social media!

You know you can be using digital marketing to grow your business, but you're not sure what to focus on, so instead you're floundering under an endless to-do list and your brand/business isn't seeing the growth it deserves.

You want results and you don't have time for the "fluff"...

Go from frustrated to confident

(and walk away with an implementable plan of action)

By joining the next course intake, you'll get lifetime access... and each intake will only keep getting better and better!

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Course outline

Module 1- Know your voice & combat imposter syndrome

Who are you? Who are you speaking to? Validation techniques and help to really lean-in to your expertise. Let's get the grounding blocks completely solid.

Module 2 - Social Media Marketing

How you should be using instagram as a business, crafting the best content that'll have the maximum chance of converting, building true engagement, how to increase your reach. And of course we'll touch on video, reels and other insta-trends.

Module 3 - Building a mailing list that converts

Arguably the most valuable tool for any solopreneur or small business. We'll cover how to build a mailing list, techniques to drive leads and nurturing to conversion.

Module 4 - The importance of SEO, websites & blogs

Why you should be focussing on platforms and channels you own & have more control over. From SEO must-knows, to key-word strategies and everything in between.

Module 5 - Implementation

The importance of taking stock, having a breather and putting into practice everything you've learnt.

Module 6 - Getting organised & nailing your strategy

Craft your 3-month marketing strategy, content calendar and let's review everything you've learnt so you can end your course with focus and clarity.

Plus bonuses & surprises along the way!

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Course dates.

There is currently an intake of flourishing students underway. The current 6-week course will end on 7th March 2021.


FYI - Each week, you will be able to access a new module on the weekly topic (a video and pdf - see above for full outline) and each week there will be a live Q&A/discussion with me and your peers (totally optional and there to add value if and when you need).

A rare chance to have guided learning over a 6-week period - I've got your back!


Lifetime access.

By booking your place on my 6-week course, you will also benefit from lifetime access! So you'll be able to come back to this course time and time again, as new content gets added and as it gets better and better.

Relax in the knowledge that you'll be growing your brand and business in the right way. No hacks, no bullsh*t promises... proper implementable strategy.

It's time to flourish!

A personal invitation from me...

I have been a digital content creator for 13 years & have successfully launched & grown multiple businesses online.

I have taught & mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs & content creators on essential digital marketing strategy & now combine my studies of Psychology, to ensure the right mindset sits alongside it.

I've tried most things out at least once, made the mistakes, learnt & grown over the years.

I've gone from feeling overwhelmed & floundering when I sit down at my desk, to focussed & confident with a clear plan of action.

I know what it's like to compare yourself to others, to feel like everyone else is winning & that you must be missing some vital ingredient. You're not.

If you're committed to making this the year that you finally nail your digital marketing strategy & grow your brand/business in the way you want, then start right now.

I can't wait to help you on that journey.

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I'm ready Holly! Add me to the list!
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Success stories...

Client - Gemma Wade

"Holly has helped grow my business in so many ways, with in-depth & easy to understand & action training!"

- Gemma Wade (You Say Tomato / Cook with Gem)

Client - Charlotte Maida Yoga

"Before working with Holly, my brand was unfocused & my digital platforms under-utilised. Holly helped me clarify my brand vision, as well as create & implement a digital marketing strategy."

- Charlotte(Maida Yoga)

Client - Charlotte Jane

"Holly has taught me so much about instagram & social media in general, marketing myself & generally believing in myself! She is a font of all knowledge & I am gaining so much both personally & professionally working with her."

- Charlotte-Jane (Mindset Coach)

Client - Paola The Tiny Italian

"Holly has given some great insight on how to uplevel my online marketing. I wanted to ensure that I was using other platforms, not just instagram (such as lead magnets & email marketing). Holly has also helped me organise & plan my content."

- Paola (The Tiny Italian)

Client - Carla Speight

"Holly has helped me recognise & promote my expertise. Since working with her, I've grown in confidence, shaken-off the imposter & gained new clients."

- Carla (Aberrant Perspectives / Carla Speight)

Client - Nicola Nordic Notes

"I've grown in confidence & put myself out there, after working with Holly. I left the 9 to 5 & am now doing a job I love, working with brands I was too scared to approach before & have never looked back."

- Nicola (Nordic Notes Blog)

The full low-down

If you're still on the fence... here's a full low-down of what you can expect in each module of the course. I like to keep a few surprises for along the way too!

Module 1 - Know your voice & combat imposter syndrome

If you don't know who you are & what you're saying, then believe me, your audience won't either!

In this module we'll cover:

  • Who you are, your offering & USP
  • Validation techniques to eliminate the feeling of fraud/imposter
  • Getting comfortable with selling yourself & showcasing your expertise
  • Positive Psychology & success mindset techniques

Bonus content:

  • Brand aesthetics & mood-boarding

Module 2 - Social Media Marketing must-knows

If you've become stagnant in your social growth or just aren't sure how to use a platform like instagram for business, this module has got your covered!

  • Drill down who your ICA is & how/where to find them
  • My "rules of engagement"
  • How to actually use instagram as a business (no bullsh*t algorithm "hacks"!)
  • Coming up with content again & again

Bonus content:

  • How to use reels & insta guides
  • The Linkedin low-down

Module 3 - Building a mailing list that converts

If you're a small business, freelancer or content creator & you don't have a mailing-list that you're utilising, you're missing a HUGE trick!

In this module, you'll learn"

  • Why mailing lists are essential to growth & conversion
  • How to build a mailing list of your ICA
  • Email marketing essentials & nurturing through to conversion
  • Time-saving techniques & automation (hello funnels!)

Bonus content:

  • Using Pinterest to grow your mailing list

Module 4 - The importance of SEO

Whether it's a website or blog, if you don't own your little corner of the internet, you'll be lacking on organic traffic & long-term growth.

In this module we'll cover:

  • Why SEO is important & how it impacts the long-game
  • Key word essentials & research strategy
  • How to actually optimise a website or blog-post for continual organic traffic
  • Next level SEO (think image optimisation, alt-tagging & link-building strategies that are legit!)

Bonus content:

  • SEO check-list & key-word templates

Module 5 - The importance of implementation

This will be the perfect time to take stock of everything you've learned so far in the course. Time to have a breather, "catch-up" on any of the lives you may have missed & reach-out with any questions you have.

I'll be on-hand to support loads throughout this week & there'll be some nice mindfulness treats for you too.

Bonus content:

  • Think digital & mental wellness

Module 6 - Getting orgaised & nailing your 12-week strategy

To finish the course on a high, you'll be leaving with your next 12-weeks outlined. You'll walk away feeling empowered, focused & clear on what to do to grow your brand/business online.

We'll finish with:

  • Content planning & scheduling essentials
  • How to prioritise
  • Time Management techniques that you'll be able to implement right away
  • How to outline your strategy in a way that means you'll stick to it!

Bonus content:

  • Checklists, planners & entrepreneurial must-haves!

Plus these bonuses to help you along the way

holly wood with thought bubble saying Q&A

6 weekly facebook lives

For support and questions you'll have along the way.

writing in notepad with zoom call open

A graduation zoom-call

Finish the course with your fellow course members & ask those final questions.

community group hand holding

Private members community

Support & community from within your private members facebook group.

A final gift from me to you

A 6-month flourish & flow planner to help you leave the course with everything you need to put everything you've learnt into action, with accountability & reflection along the way.

When you sign-up, you'll receive a planner absolutely free.

flourish & flow planner on desk


Is there a payment plan?

Yes, when bookings are live, you can choose to pay in full, or to split your payments.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, I offer a 14-day refund from the day you sign-up to the course. But, I will say, I only recommend you sign-up if you are fully committed, as I know that you WILL get so much from it, if you commit to yourself & your development.

It's a big investment for me, I'm a bit unsure?

I get it! I've been there. I also know that when I truly saw change & growth in my biz, was when I went all-in & invested in my learning & development. That's why I've given you a ton of content, at a fraction of the price I'd charge for 1-2-1. Plus you have a payment plan option to make it more approachable.

What if something comes up & I can't finish the course in 6 weeks?

Don't worry! You'll have access to the course materials for as long as you need them! The 6 weeks, is the time that I'll be there to support you live - as your guide & mentor. But I know things come up, life gets in the way & I've designed this course with that in mind. Plus, don't forget you'll get lifetime access to any future launches of the course & upgraded/new content that comes with it.

I'm worried I don't have enough time?

Again, I hear you! I'm busy too. I've worked hard to streamline this course as much as possible, so that you're left with the essentials! I'd say 1-2 hours a week to watch, read & digest the materials, plus 2 hours to start implementing them would be plenty to get you going. So that's just 3-4 hours a week... I'm sure you can sacrifice a Netflix boxset for your business growth?! Plus... don't forget, I've included that implementation week in week 5, to give you room to breathe & catch-up if needed.

What do I need to complete the course?

Great question! Just yourself, access to the internet & a notebook & pen. The course modules will be hosted online, via a dedicated website. The private community will be on facebook. If you don't like facebook, I recommend you just create a profile page for your business, so you don't miss out on the support.