The Formula to Flourish

from confusion & overwhelm to clarity & focus, with your digital marketing strategy

So you've launched your business online and set-up your social media accounts... what next?

You know you should be using instagram, but not sure why or how?

You know you need a mailing list to market to, but you don't know how to grow one?

You know you're amazing at what you do, but you feel like an imposter most days?

You've got a to-do list growing by the minute, but you don't know where to focus?

Sounding like you? Yup! I've been there too... believe me!

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Bringing Clarity & Focus to your digital marketing strategy

For busy solopreneurs and small businesses - the stuff you actually need to know and how to do it in the most efficient way!

6 weeks.

You will receive 6 weeks of video content & accompanying materials.

There will be a weekly live with me to help you as you go.

Approx. 2 hours learning & 2 hours implementing per week!

Go at your own pace with lifetime access!

No fluff.

I'm not promising get-rich-quick, or bullsh*t insta-growth techniques.

These are good practice, need-to-know marketing techniques that you can actually implement and maintain consistently.

Practical and cognitive toolkit.

Less noise.

No overwhelm, no unnecessaries.

Clear-cut, succinct learning with actionable homework and guidance each week.

Leave with a plan of action for the months to come.

Holly Wood flourish digital marketing mentor work with me standing up by chair

Hey There Busy Solopreneur!

I get it! You are launching and running a business, juggling work/life/kids and time is precious. You're sick of all the jargon, you can't keep up with the "insta algorithm" chat and you can't be arsed with TikTok.

There's so much noise out there on social media!

You know you can be using digital marketing to grow your business, but you're not sure what to focus on, so instead you're floundering under an endless to-do list and your brand/business isn't seeing the growth it deserves.

You want results and you don't have time for the "fluff"...

Go from frustrated to confident

(and walk away with an implementable plan of action)

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Course outline

Module 1- Know your voice & combat imposter syndrome

Who are you? Who are you speaking to? Validation techniques and help to really lean-in to your expertise. Let's get the grounding blocks completely solid.

Module 2 - Social Media Marketing

How you should be using instagram as a business, crafting the best content that'll have the maximum chance of converting, building true engagement, how to increase your reach. And of course we'll touch on video, reels and other insta-trends.

Module 3 - Building a mailing list that converts

Arguably the most valuable tool for any solopreneur or small business. We'll cover how to build a mailing list, techniques to drive leads and nurturing to conversion.

Module 4 - The importance of SEO, websites & blogs

Why you should be focussing on platforms and channels you own & have more control over. From SEO must-knows, to key-word strategies and everything in between.

Module 5 - Implementation

The importance of taking stock, having a breather and putting into practice everything you've learnt.

Module 6 - Getting organised & nailing your strategy

Craft your 3-month marketing strategy, content calendar and let's review everything you've learnt so you can end your course with focus and clarity.

Right, I'm in! Here's to 2021!
Holly Wood flourish digital marketing mentor working at desk

Course dates.

The 8-week course will be delivered from 26th Janury until 7th March 2021.

Each week on a Monday, you will be able to access a new module on the weekly topic (a video and pdf - see above for full outline) and each week there will be a live Q&A/discussion with me and your peers (totally optional and there to add value if and when you need).

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Lifetime access.

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Relax in the knowledge that you'll be growing your brand and business online next year.

It's time to flourish!