Do you want 50-100+ ideal clients on your mailing list in 30 days?!

Yes? Then join my next List Growth Sprint and grow your list with new potential clients, in real time and without paid ads!



“If I could just grow my mailing list, it’d take the pressure off showing up on socials.”

I've heard this so many times!

  • You want to take the pressure off of only selling via socials.
  • You want more good enquiries coming into your inbox every week.
  • You're sick of speaking to people that aren't your ideal client.

Using my proven 4-G Method, you will be able to grow your mailing list with potential ideal clients, in just 30 days & continue to do so for months & years to come.

And you'll have me, daily to keep you accountable & make sure you grow that list!

The Sprint

Spend LESS TIME on social, speaking into an abyss…

...and more time leveraging the 2-8% conversion rate of an email list.

50 new people on your list could mean 4 NEW CLIENTS !!!

What's the value of 4 new clients to you?

  • At a £2500 offer, that's £10k into your business
  • At a £1000 offer, that's £4k into your business
  • At a £250 offer, that's £1k into your business

And that's with 50 new people on your list... imagine what's possible with 100, 200, 1000!!

This sprint is designed for busy, ambitious entrepreneurs who want to GROW their audience outside of social media.

Together we’ll add 50+ of the RIGHT people to your email list, so you start receiving MORE ENQUIRIES!!

And you won't be doing it alone!

You’ll get;

  • proven strategies
  • daily coaching and cheerleading
  • a group of other entrepreneurs to spur you on


  • overwhelm or frustration
  • hours of useless teaching/videos to watch

Are you ready for some epic list growth?

I'm so ready!
Holly Wood Flourish Mentor smiling Tuscany

How it works...

  • You'll join me and an intimate group of entrepreneurs for 30 days
  • You'll get instant access to a small but perfectly formed online hub that outlines the blueprint of my proven 4-G method to grow your mailing list (including worksheets & templates that you can steal!)
  • Each day, I'll walk you through my proven 4-G Method to grow your mailing list via bite-size voice-notes & WhatsApp messages
  • The next round kicks-off on Monday 4th September
  • I'll be keeping you accountable and answering any questions you have along the way, meaning... ...YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!
Book Your Spot Today

Get 50-100 potential ideal clients on your list in 30 days so you can...

  • Have more opportunities to sell your offers this year (and to people who actually want to hear about them)
  • Have more chance for higher conversion rates (did you know that on average, email marketing has a 2-8% conversion rate vs. instagram's 0.3%?)
  • Increase your income this quarter (more enquiries = more potential sales right?)
  • Introduce more automation to your sales and marketing strategy (passive sales are the dream!)
  • Have YOUR vision of success & truly flourish (empower yourself with an effective strategy that'll enable you to build your biz for years to come)

The result?

>> I've grown my list by 300 people in 30 days, I'm promising you 50... but the potential is there for so much more! What could 50 ideal clients on list mean to you?

Imagine what that additional income could do for you and your business.

Spaces are limited so join us now!

We start on 4th September 2023.

Join the List Growth Sprint now!

Previous Sprinters Say...

**My 1st cohort saw incredible list growth of:

★ 84 (bringing her list to nearly 1000)

★ 88 (almost doubling her list)

★ 36 (for a totally new & pivoted biz)

★ 37 (from a list size of 2!)

No matter what the size of your list or biz is, my List Growth Sprint will help you achieve incredible results (& gives you a strategy to use again & again!).

Kate Tynan

"If you want to grow your mailing list and learn why lead magnets are one of the best tools for this, then sign up to ‘the list growth sprint’. As always with training from Holly, it was jam packed with tonnes of information, knowledge, hints, tips and tricks. With the added bonus of an accountability group and feedback from others, I think it was amazing value for money and I learnt a lot. I will be taking what I learnt to launch more lead magnets regularly going forwards. Thank you, Holly!"

- Kate (The Cake Business Club / Little Button Bakery)

Lauren Nibble NQ

"I bloody loved the sprint! Continued support and tasks throughout the month meant that we saw the process through from start to finish, and Holly gave us loads of prompts to think about things differently, or more outside of the box than certainly I had before. The group dynamic meant we all fed off each other and had a safe space to bounce ideas from and make suggestions. The energy was great and it really spurred me on to get the work done and kept me accountable. Loads more sign ups to my mailing list in that period than any other and they're all my ideal client too! Thank you Holly! Highly recommend."

- Lauren (NibbleNQ)

Kate Be Brave Interiors

"The sprint has been really great! I certainly wouldn't have gained so many new people on my list without it, so a big thank you to Holly for keeping us on track and motivated."

- Kate (Be Brave Interiors)