For Coaches, Mentors, Wellness Professionals & Service-Providers who want a Proven Coaching Framework That’ll Seamlessly Integrate into Your Existing Business & Make You More Desirable & Credible to Your Ideal Clients

If you are ready to move to the next-level in your coaching, mentoring or service-based business & want to:

Learn a proven, psychology-based framework that you can integrate into your business with ease.

Experience the benefits of coaching and positive psychology for yourself (the ripple effect is incredible!).

Be confident in being able to support your clients with more depth & an incredible toolkit.

Stand-out in the market, with credibility.

Earn an additional £4-7k p/m with an awesome coaching offer.

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The Perfect Training, Coaching & Mentorship Hybrid

For established coaches, wellness professionals & service-providers who are ready for their next-level of success, income and flow.

The Flourish First®️ Coaching Framework has been built, tried & tested over a number of years with hundreds of clients.

In a competitive market-place, you are not going to stand out as a coach, wellness professional or service-provider without experience, qualifications or credibility. It’s therefore essential that you feel confident in your coaching framework, approach and results, if you want to truly flourish and earn an amazing income from your coaching business. 

This unique programme has been designed to support YOU as a coach, as an individual & as a business. 

Join the BETA intake for Just £4995 £1997!

You’ll walk away with a proven psychology-based coaching framework AND learn everything you need to know to become a confident, successful Coach & business owner.

– in just 4 months!

This is a game-changing opportunity for anyone who wants to bring more confidence, ease growth to their business!

You will not only be taught a powerful, results-driven coaching framework that can be integrated in a variety of ways & businesses – you will also be coached yourself, to improve your levels of wellbeing, happiness & success…


You will have business & marketing support to help you launch, sell & grow your offers.

You won’t be left high & dry with your new coaching skills, you will be supported to integrate them into your existing business & attract dreamy clients that’ll have you on your way to earning an extra £4-7k pm (& beyond).

Join the BETA intake & also benefit from the lowest pricing & high-touch support.

Please note: the coaching training programme is pending certification (see FAQs for more details).

Limited spaces. Act fast!

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Imagine if….

You Implement a proven Coaching Framework into Your Biz that Gets Results, gives you More Credibility AND Increases your Income

You can Confidently Increase Your Prices & Add Another Channel of Income to your Business

You Can Truly Step into Your Power & Own Your Expertise

What Will The Programme Look Like?

My key intention for this coaching training programme is to give you not just the theory, but the practice!

So you will learn everything you need to become an incredible coach or integrate coaching into your established service AND you’ll know exactly how to put it into action.

Training modules with written, audio & visual content

Strategies & advice on how to integrate the framework into your business & make it your own

Peer-support & accountability pods for practical application & practice

Assignment submission to showcase your unique embodiment of the framework

Graduation celebration & ceremony

You will be supported & guided every step of the way & this coaching training programme is designed to fit around busy lifestyles. 

Why Me & Why This Academy?


I’ve run my own business for over 10 years on & offline. I hold a Masters in Psychology (MSc) & am a Certified Positive Psychology Coach (PPCA Cert.). I have also trained in Human Design & Sound Healing.

I’ve built a coaching business that allows me to work from anywhere, travel the world, wake up excited to work AND spend more time with my family.

I’ve worked with 100s of entrepreneurs, business owners & high-achieving individuals, spoken on multiple stages & have even released my own Positive Psychology App.

I have 2 kids & work hard – I know what it’s like to juggle, be ambitious & not have enough hours in the day.

I have built freedom, flexibility & choice in my life.

This is what flourishing means to me & I want this for you too!

Holly Wood Flourish Mentor Media Bio Headshot laughing

I know how hard it is to confidently coach & support your clients in getting results quickly & I’ve mastered my coaching style & framework over a number of years.

I want you to save that time, doubt & overwhelm by teaching you inside of the Flourish First®️ Coaching Academy.

The Power of Psychology

I’m Holly Wood – a UK Leading Psychologist & Transformational Coach for Successful Women. 

I have over 5 years experience of coaching 100s of clients in business, leadership & growth – so that they can truly flourish & reach their vision of success.

I do this using a unique combination of Individual, Behavioural & Positive Psychology. 

That, combined with results-driven coaching, has led me to developing a powerful coaching framework that you can utilise for yourself AND your clients.

I’m committed to helping as many coaches as possible become incredible & to keep an ever-evolving industry full of legitimate, qualified & confident coaches.

The truth is, our psychology is at the centre of our journey to success, which is why it’s essential to understand it & why it’s integral to transformational coaching

I believe that we’re all unique & that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to reaching your goals, which is why understanding the individual’s psychology is essential to true growth

Once you understand your psychology, you can then work on your mindset, equipping yourself with an effective toolkit to help you navigate your self-development journey

During the Flourish First Coaching Training Programme, you’ll not only experience the power of this transformational coaching for yourself, but you’ll have the framework to utilise inside your own business too. 

Holly Wood Flourish Mentor Media Bio Portrait Chair

Is the Flourish First Coaching Academy for You?


You’re a values-led coach, mentor, entrepreneur or business owner who wants to support your clients at the highest level

You’re stuck in a rut & struggling to grow your business to the income level you want

You’re struggling with your confidence as a coach & it’s holding you back from truly stepping into your superpowers

Being qualified & informed matters to you

AND… You want more… money, success, freedom, fulfilment, choice, happiness

Course Content

Here’s an overview of what we’ll cover during the training:

ONBOARDING – The Foundations

You’ll understand the key theoretical foundations of Positive Pyschology and why psychology is integral to effetive coaching frameworks. You’ll also be introduced to the essential positive psychology tools for your and your clients’ wellbeing – you’ll begin to instil these powerful habits from day one.

MODULE 1 – Understanding the individual 

Using theories from Individual, Behavioural and Positive Psychology, you will learn tools and psychometrics that’ll help you understand your clients with more depth, enabling you to support them with a more personalised approach.

MODULE 2 – Identifying character strengths

You’ll learn how to utilise the Clifton Strengths Gallup assessment with your clients to identify their innate strengths and craft a strategy that’ll help them utilise them to reach their goals.

MODULE 3 – Values in Action

You’ll understand the implementation of the VIA Character Strengths Survey to explore the key positive psychology pillars of: meaning, purpose and values in life, in order to improve well-being and life satisfaction.

MODULE 4 – Finding Flow

You’ll be able to support your clients to find flow in work and life, leading to a more fulfilled life experience and increased levels of accomplishment.

MODULE 5 – Integrating Positive Emotions

We’ll explore a key pillar of Martin Seligman’s PERMAH therory, alongside a plethora of tools to infuse positive emotions into life, work and even leadership.

MODULE 6 – Self-worth & Self-love

You’ll explore the key notions and differences between self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth and self-love. You’ll be able to support your clients to embody a new level of confidence in their lives.

MODULE 7 – Pathways to Success

You’ll leave knowing how to confidently craft a pathway for your client to reach their goals and their own vision of success. Impactful goal-setting, benchmarketing and evaluation.


You’ll learn an extensive collection of psychology-based theories and tools including in topics such as:

  • Self-efficacy
  • Relationships
  • Emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Intrusive thoughts
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Overwhelm & procrastination
  • Gratiude

And much much more!

Results For You & Your Clients

The beauty of studying with the Flourish First®️ Coaching Academy is you will experience powerful coaching for yourself, whilst building a toolkit to integrate into your own coaching, wellness or service-based business.

You will enjoy the effects of Positive Psychology coaching and be able to apply the tools to the work you do – making an incredible positive impact on the world.

Join now & save £2,998!

Enrol Now & Unlock These Exclusive Bonuses Worth Over £11,000!

Bonus 1

Peer Support & Community

✅ Training support channel with access to me for Q&As

✅ Student-only peer support channel – for questions, sharing & inspiration

✅ Optional virtual & in-person meet-ups

Worth over £6,000

Bonus 2

Build a Business Online – Digital Marketing Mastery

✅ Tools, templates & downloadables to support your coaching/wellness business

✅ Digital Marketing Mastery online course materials & training

✅ Pricing & growth strategies

Worth over £5,000

Bonus 3

Flourish First Success Squad

✅ Interactive, on-demand coaching community & membership to keep you on track with your growth & goals

✅ 12-month membership

✅ Exclusive member discounts

Worth over £500

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flourish first coaching academy studying on desk

Featured In

Working with Holly to develop my business & coaching/mentoring framework has been the one business investment I couldn’t live without.

Jools, Business & Tech Coach

Go invest in yourself ladies! I am so grateful that I invested into working with Holly as I was transitioning from my employed legal career into running my own business. I now have a coaching framework & business plan that feels aligned, showcases my expertise & superpowers & will provide me the freedom & flexibility I desire as an entrepreneurial mum. Hands down, no-brainer investment. 

Sam, Legal Expert & Coach

Having implemented the Flourish First framework into my team, I’m already seeing positive results after a matter of weeks. The team are feeling more seen, communication is stronger & results are showing. I feel like I’m also leading authentically & with more confidence & can truly bring the best out of my team thanks to the tools I’m now equipped with.

Sophie, Team Leader - Customer Success

After working with Holly for a long time, I can credit my growth in confidence to pursue what really lights me up and turn it into a business, to her. She has the deep knowledge of psychology to understand the true me and bring my potential out of me. Holly has been a huge part of the up-levelling I’m seeing as a result of all the work.

Kate, Creativity Coach & CEO


How much time do I need to dedicate to the programme?

The programme duration is approximately 4 months and incorporates self-study, live study & implementation weeks. On average, you’ll want to dedicate 2-4 hours per week.

I’ve designed this study with busy people in mind, without compromising the depth or quality of training & support.

What kind of coaching can I do with this training?

The framework can be integrated into any coaching style or approach including: life, mindset, transformational, leadership and business coaching.

If you are a service-based business or wellness practitioner that supports your clients directly, you’ll be supported in infusing the framework into YOUR model.

Do I have to be an experienced coach to join the programme?

No! This training will give you incredible foundational elements to start your coaching business, as well as up-level existing coaching skills and experience. 

Is this programme accredited?

The coaching industry is currently unregulated in the UK, which is why I am so passionate about training fellow coaches with science-backed, research-driven frameworks. Although you do not need to be certified to practice or become a successful coach, my aim is to have this training programme accredited. If this were to happen, you would gain your certification retrospectively. 

However, the level of training, study & assessment required to successfully graduate from the programme is equivalent to high-level diploma or undergrad level.

What happens after the programme?

You will be given the opportunity to keep training and being supported inside the alumni group for a small fee per month. 

When does the programme start?

The BETA version of the programme will begin in September 2024. This will be a full training programme, but as it will be the first cohort, you have the opportunity to join at the lowest investment the programme will be priced at.

What if I sign-up & can no longer commit to the training?

You will be offered a 14-day refund policy from date of first payment. After that, no refunds will be available due to the nature of the training. However, as long as you communicate with us with enough notice, your place can be transferred to a future cohort. (Please note there may be additional costs associated with this).