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Positive Psychology, Coaching & Consultancy. Helping you Grow & reach Your Ultimate Potential.

Support for Leaders, Business Owners, High-Achievers & Workplaces who want to truly Flourish & build their vision of success. 

Flourish First®️ & everything else unfolds

You deserve to flourish & reach YOUR vision of success – whatever that may look like.

I’m on a mission to helps thousands of individuals unlock their true potential, aligned purpose & step into the most authentic version of themselves – whether that’s in life, business or leadsership.

I combine Individual, Behavioural & Positive Pyschology with Transformational Coaching Frameworks. 

Do you want to be, do & have more?

I’m here to support your growth & exploration into your aligned self so you can find more flow, joy & happiness in everything you do.  

I believe that when you understand your innate energisers, personality type & strengths, you can step into a whole new era of clarity, confidence & purpose. 


What do you need?

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Positive Leadership & Workplace Coaching

I believe that each individual has unique strengths, values and qualities, that when tapped-into & utilised in the right way, can contribute to the success of your team & improved workplace wellbeing. I’m passionate about helping leaders & organisations flourish – & integrating psychology & a person-centred approach into organisational best practice.

♦ 1:1 Positive Leadership Training & Coaching

♦ Team/Group Workshops & Coaching

♦ Fractional Coaching Services

You'll have the science-informed tools, strategies & coaching to empower you to be the leader and/or organisation you want to be & truly flourish.

From £2,500.

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Holly Wood Psychologist and Coach 1:1 transformational coaching

Psychology-based Transformational Coaching

Are you a high-achieving person, who wants to be, do & have more? Perhaps you're at a cross-roads, or know you're not reaching your fullest potential?

I support Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, CEOs & leaders with the perfect combination of Psychological frameworks & tools, PLUS transformational coaching & accountability.

♦ A combination of Individual, Behaviorual & Postive Psychology tools.

♦ Life, work, career, business support - the ripple effect is incredible!

In-depth, totally bespoke & immersive coaching with experiences, retreats & daily support.

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Instant Access Tools, Resources & Courses

Want instant access to tools, masterclasses & courses that'll help you flourish in work, business & life?

♥ From letting go of limiting beliefs, to embodying next level self-awareness for leadership, my Positive Psychology-based programmes will help

♦ Want the incredible ripple effect of success to reach your personal life too? Check out the lifestyle programmes that'll have you flourishing in all areas of your life

♦ For the entrepreneurs amongst you, with over 13 years experience of growing successful businesses online, my business & marketing courses & tools will be just what you need

From £17.

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Gain legitimacy, credibility & confidence by learning & implementing a Psychology-based coaching framework!

Stand-out, Improve your Offering & Increase your earning potential.

Save £1000s by joining the BETA round – open for enrolment now!

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Hi, I’m holly

Your Psychologist, coach & leadershp consultant

My experience combines over a decade of navigating the world of online business, marketing & psychology.

I hold a Masters in Psychology & multiple certifications in Coaching & have developed the Flourish First App.

I find joy in supporting my clients to build self-awareness, self-confidence & embody the mindset to reach their vision of success.

Having read Martin Seligman’s Book ‘Flourish’, I was instantly drawn to the notion of us flourishing in life. For me that’s about feeling a sense of satisfaction, contentment, joy & success in your life & what you do.

The more I explored my own psychology, motivations & mindset (as well as my clients’), I realised those that had the most success, were the ones who were flourishing in themselves first… hence the brand Flourish First®️. It wasn’t the success that brought the happiness, it was the other way round.

As well as working with clients 1:1, in more recent years, I’ve taken my Pyschology & Coaching experience into the workplace, to support individuals & organisations to truly flourish too.

If you’re ambitious & desire support in reaching your next level of growth, with ease & without compromising your well-being, then let’s chat!

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Flourish First®️ DEIJ Statement

At Flourish First®, we believe that true flourishing comes from a foundation built on Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, and Justice (DEIJ). We are committed to creating an environment where diverse voices are not only heard but are integral to our community. Our mission is to empower business owners and solopreneurs from all walks of life, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to succeed and grow.

Diversity is the mosaic of people who bring a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to our community. We celebrate these differences and see them as a vital ingredient to our collective success.

Equity means striving for fairness in access, opportunities, and advancement for all members of our community. We recogniSe the barriers that have historically disadvantaged some groups, and we dedicate ourselves to actions that break down these obstacles.

Inclusivity is at the heart of Flourish First®️. We foster an atmosphere where everyone feels valued, respected, and supported. We encourage authenticity and understand that personal and professional growth occurs when people feel genuinely included.

Justice involves our proactive stance to advocate for systemic change within the industry. We commit to being agents of change, ensuring equitable treatment and opportunities for all, and standing against all forms of discrimination and bias.

At Flourish First®, we don’t just support diversity, equity, inclusivity, and justice; we embody these principles in every program, project, and partnership we undertake. We are continuously learning, adapting, and growing to build not just a flourishing business but a flourishing society.

Together, we flourish.

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Infused with Positive Psychology and digital marketing, Can we Have it all? is the reality behind my business, alongside real life conversations with inspirational women, who are building their own vision of success.

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