Who am I?

Blogger, Founder, Speaker, Business Owner, Mentor


Who am I?

I'm Holly Wood - a mother of two beautiful children, a wife, home-owner and founder of my own businesses. The juggle is real, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I have been a blogger for 10 years and earning money from my content and online businesses for the last 7 years. With a background in commercial events, working with brands and psychology, I truly believe in the power of community and that's what I'm all about. I love to teach and I'm passionate about helping you grow and develop a career that you truly love, that works for you and that pays!

I run 1-2-1 and 1-2-2 mentor sessions, for those that are looking for more targeted and bespoke learning environments, guidance and accountability. Typically I can help you launch, establish, grow and develop your online blog, brand or business.

I'm available as a speaker and panellist and run workshops and webinars too.

Email holly@holly-wood.co.uk for details.


The Blog

I've been a lifestyle blogger and content creator for 10 years, documenting travel, interiors, food and style content, with a bit of family, lifestyle and digital wellness thrown-in too. Come on over and have a read at hollygoeslightly.co.uk

I'm a micro-influencer on instagram and you can find me here on twitter too.

Brands and businesses, please get in touch for collaborations, press trips, events and my media pack.

I can also help you with your influencer outreach strategy or event.

Email me on holly@holly-wood.co.uk


The Podcast

Can we have it all? With the pressures of modern-day life (career, fitness, mortgage, success etc), comparison and living a life largely online, this is the question most of us are asking ourselves daily!

My podcast focuses on real-life journeys and experiences of successful people, doing it their way, with helpful tips along the way that will inspire and educate.

With amazing guests and content that you'll find inspiring and helpful, please subscribe, so you don't miss an episode.

Why this Community?

Over the last 7 years, we've grown an amazing community.

It is my firm belief that we are stronger together and that knowledge is power. Community inspires us, it teaches us and it supports us. Amazing things happen when you're surrounded by other strong, creative individuals and that's what you can get from this community: amazing things.

Join us and see for yourself.

Weekly Newsletter

Packed full of real-life experience, learning resources, webinars, quick how-to's, events, opportunities and inspiration.

Private members-only facebook group

Full of like-minded people, ready to welcome you with open arms and answer any questions you might have.

Virtual & in-person events

Online events, webinars, guest-lives and community experts (these happen monthly!)

You'll be equipped with the tools

And support to take your content/business to the next level, with plenty of help along the way.









Awards Dinners

Plans and Pricing

From a monthly rolling membership offering an affordable investment in yourself, to bespoke 1-2-1 mentoring sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have got the best answers for you.

Do I have to have a blog or business to benefit from the community?

No not at all! The beauty of this community is that it can support you at any step of your journey. Some members haven’t launched their blogs or businesses yet, some are starting out in their journey, some are well on their way and some are total pros and have been doing it for years.
So whether you’re a hobbyist blogger, retail store, freelancer or service provider, instagram influencer, small business or solopreneur – you can benefit from Community Inspire Collaborate and/or my 1-2-1 mentor sessions.

I can see you want us to sign-up via Patreon - what is that?

Our established community is circa 200 strong and joined before we launched on Patreon. Patreon is a new move for us and gives anyone who signs-up via the platform a more app-like access to the community. We’ve only just launched and some of our existing members are rejoining, that’s why it’s showing fewer members. But you’ll join the rest of the members in the private Facebook group. Patreon should also make the joining and cancellation process a lot easier.

However, if you do not wish to join via Patreon, please email: holly@holly-wood.co.uk and I can get you registered manually.

Can I join regardless of where I am in the UK?

Yes! We are born in the North of England, but are expanding our community of like-minded content creators and entrepreneurs, as we know there are so many of you out there looking for the same support and learning opportunities. So it doesn’t matter if you’re in Brighton, Bristol or Birmingham – get on board!

Can I pay for an annual membership?

Yes you can! Just email me at holly@holly-wood.co.uk and I’ll sort it out for you.

How can I find out more about your 1-2-1 sessions? What is it exactly?

Although you can learn and benefit so much from joining the community, I know that many of you will want to hit the ground running and start smashing some of your goals. You might be about to launch your business, or perhaps you’ve launched and things are moving as quickly as you’d like. Or maybe you’re changing direction and need some guidance and accountability. Whatever the reason, a bespoke 1-2-1 session could be the best option for you to see some results and learn specifically for your brand/blog/business. Topics we could cover include: starting & maintaining a blog, social media growth, persona-mapping, content planning, commercialising your blog/social media, pitching to brand & PRs, launching products, diversifying your income, podcasting, lead magnets & funnels, SEO research & strategy, using pinterest for business – and much more!

If you’d like to enquire for my 1-2-1 availability and prices, email holly@holly-wood.co.uk

How do I cancel?

I hope you’ll love this community as much as we all do, but understand that circumstances change and you may want to cancel. It’s super easy to do…If you joined via the website, you just need to email me at holly@holly-wood.co.uk to let me know you wish to cancel and I’ll take care of it all. If you join via patreon.com/holly_wood then you’ll be able to cancel via your Patreon portal.

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