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Practical & Cognitive steps to building a brand & business online - for busy solopreneurs!

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I'm Holly Wood, Mentor, Speaker and Expert in building a brand online for digital solopreneurs... a brand that allows you and your business to flourish.

With over 10 years experience of building my own brand online and launching multiple small businesses from home, I help other solopreneurs launch, establish and grow their brands digitally in a way that serves them both mentally and financially.

With a Masters in Psychology, I like to focus on the mindset of success for digital entrepreneurs like you, with an awareness of digital wellness and a sprinkling of psychological insight.

I believe that a combination of a practical digital toolkit, alongside the appropriate psychological steps, leads you to flourish.

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How I can help you

If you are launching, building or growing a brand and business online, there are so many elements to navigate that it can quickly become overwhelming.

Do you feel like you're constantly working and churning out content but not actually getting anywhere? Do you feel like you're not flourishing in your business and succeeding with your goals?

Are you struggling to create a brand that's in-tune with your vision and goals?

From MOTs, to 1-2-1, to community, to course... find everything on my Services page.

My clients often tell me, “I wish I’d worked with you sooner!” Here are just some of the things that we can work together on:

Practical learning & guidance:

  • Getting confidence and showing up online for your audience
  • Growing an engaged social media following, who turn into real customers
  • Which platforms are right for you and your brand?
  • Collaborations and sponsored work
  • Diversifying your income online
  • Lead Magnets & Marketing funnels
  • Pinterest for your business
  • ... and so much more!

Mindset and "Flourish" work:

  • How to beat overwhelm and keep striving forward
  • Imposter syndrome and how to overcome it
  • Getting ready for success
  • Creating a brand in tune with your vision
  • Confidence and expertise
  • Digital wellness (recognising the balance)
  • Comparison

Work with me

My weekly 1-2-1 mentor session with Holly has become an integral part of my business, Before being coached by Holly, my brand was unfocused and my digital platforms were not being utilised. Holly helped me to clarify my brand vision as well as create and implement a digital marketing strategy. Every session is jam-packed with info, advice and followed-up with solid action plans. I've not only grown my subscriber base and gained new clients, but I've flourished in my confidence.

— Charlotte, Maida Yoga

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