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Digital marketing and mindset tools for you to flourish as an entrepreneur and business online.

Digital Marketing and Mindset

I help women entrepreneurs nail their digital marketing strategy, develop a mindset for success and truly flourish as business owners.

The focus is about building a business with longevity, one that you enjoy running and can actually maintain!

If you are a solopreneur or small business owner who is looking to launch, grow your business or scale in some way – and you want to do it with depth and substance – then you’re in the right place.

Services for Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners

What do you need?

One-to-One Mentoring

Business Mentoring, Digital Marketing Strategy and Positive Psychology coaching for YOU and YOUR business. Have me in your corner, in your pocket and in your business.


Formula To Flourish®

My signature 12-week programme. A hybrid of learning, accountability and coaching. Nail your digital marketing strategy, apply it to your business and benefit from coaching to make sure you reach your goals.

12 Week Programme

Join Flourish

Community, accountability and momentum for you as an entrepreneur. An intimate network with a real difference.


Hi, I’m holly

Your Marketing & Mindset Mentor

I’ve spent over 13 years creating digital content and building a brand online (even though I didn’t entirely know it right at the beginning!). From side-hustler, blogger, to influencer, to speaker, to host, to mentor… the thread that has brought all of those things together is digital marketing and my passion for women to create flexible businesses online and the lives that they want (and deserve), for themselves.

In more recent years, I’ve studied a Masters in Psychology and developed my Positive Psychology Coaching, to be able to give my clients, members and audience as much depth and self-awareness as possible.

It’s in this depth that true success lies (not in some quick-fix solution or trending algorithm!).

I now successfully combine both digital marketing and mindset, to help my clients reach their goals, grow/scale their businesses, whilst doing something that they actually love!

Holly Wood Prompt Card Deck

The flourish Deck

Marketing, Mindset & Productivity in your pocket

This beautiful piece of stationery is a must-have addition for anyone marketing online. Full of marketing strategy, mindset check-ins and productivity tips – it’s everything you need to ensure you are never stuck in a rut.

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Flourish Planner - Holly Wood

The flourish & flow Planner

Marketing & Mindset tracker to keep you moving forward

This beautifully bound and matte-finished planner, is the perfect accompaniment to a busy working day! With space to plan, reflect and measure benchmarks, the planner helps you find your flow with work. The ideal way to track both your marketing and your mindset. 6 months undated, so can be picked-up any time of year.

4 Ways to grow your mailing list

Let's just start off with a few stats that'll show you why you should be focussing on growing your mailing list and not just your social media following: There were 3.9 billion email users in 2019 & by 2024, numbers are expected to increase to 4.8 billion! Now...

Positive Psychology exercise – Your Perfect Average Day

Positive Psychology is, in a nutshell, the science of human flourishing. It's the basis of everything I like to do as a solopreneur and with my clients and members. It's about focussing on the elements of life that allow you to feel good, bring happiness and feel like...

So what is a digital marketing strategy anyway?

If you are building a brand or business, then you will almost certainly need a digital marketing strategy. In fact, it becomes harder and harder to think of examples of businesses where you wouldn't need one these days! But sounds a bit intimidating doesn't it?...

Your business hub

Free resources for solopreneurs

Head to the business hub for resources, printables and blogs to accompany your journey as an entrepreneur and small business owner.

Can we have it all?

A business and lifestyle podcast for women solopreneurs and small business owners. Inspiring you to build the business you truly want to.
Tips and insights to help you truly flourish in yourself and your business.

Infused with Positive Psychology and digital marketing, Can we Have it all? is the reality behind my business, alongside real life conversations with inspirational women, who are building their own vision of success.

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