Are you ready to flourish?

I’ll be your Support, Strategist, Coach and all-round Business Bestie! Digital Marketing, Business Growth and Positive Psychology Strategy combined – for values-led, results-driven Founders.

One-to-One mentoring
and Positive Psychology coaching

Investment: from £999 p/m.

I am the one and only Flourish Mentor™ – a Digital Marketing Strategist and Positive Psychology Coach. I am here to help you Grow Your Business, Make More Money and feel Incredible doing it!

I help You to Utilise Your strengths and Personality, to find your Flow with Your Work, so that you can Lose the Overwhelm, Feel Confident in Your Business and Attract your Ideal Clients.

When you have Clarity in your Offering, Feel Confident to Market Yourself Online and Implement a Growth Strategy that Works and Feels Aligned to You – then you can truly Flourish.

And that’s what I’m here to help you with!

Holly Wood Flourish Mentor on a zoom call with one-to-one client

One-to-one mentoring

Helping you and your business flourish

This is for you if you’re ready to be the sole focus of your success and want all of the attention! (You deserve it!).

I’ll become your business bestie and will get inside your business, strategy and head (in a good way!)… I think about your business as much as mine!

✔️ We’ll work together for 6+ months inside a programme that’s totally bespoke for you and your needs.

✔️ We’ll get to the crux of what’s really standing in your way of growth and that next level of success.

✔️ Using the science of Psychology, we’ll build a strategy that aligns with your personality, your approach and your strengths.

✔️ And ultimately, I’ll equip you with the tools to make more money and build a business that can grow sustainably, for the long-term!

Whether it’s building a high-converting marketing funnel, adding proven mindset tools into the mix or introducing another channel of income – I’ve got your back!

You’ll have me in your pocket (literally, via Whatsapp) as well as face-to-face (virtual AND in person) to keep you accountable and having a sh*t ton of fun along the way.

★ My approach is fun and experiential so my one-to-one clients get access to all my in-person events, workshops AND an incredible Tuscan Retreat.

I only work with a small number of women at any one time and spaces are application-only, as it’s vital that we’re a good fit for each other and that you’re ready for the next level of growth.

If you’re a values-led, results-driven Founder, Entrepreneur or Coach who is serious about getting incredible growth and are ready to do the work – one-to-one mentoring and coaching is the fastest, most bespoke way for me to help you reach your goals.


Investment starts at £999 p/month.

Are you a details person?

Here’s how my one-to-one programme works

You & Your business

Helping you flourish and grow

  • I hold a dedicated space for you and your business for 6+ months (you can finally put yourself first!)
  • In-depth onboarding and goal-setting process (which includes Psychometric testing and benchmarketing… don’t worry, it’s fun!)
  • Regular zoom sessions to cover strategy, marketing and mindset (these sessions are to cover whatever you need to move forward)
  • Monday-Friday access to me via whatsapp (or Slack) for ongoing support, advice and troubleshooting (no more procrastionation into inaction or waiting weeks for a response)
  • Actionable homework and accountability from me (there’s no point in doing this, if you don’t do the work!)
  • A space to bounce ideas back and forth (maximise my brain and the access I have to 6 and 7 figure business owners and mentorship)
  • An in-person VIP day
  • Access to all of my events, workshops and trainings (in-person and virtual)
  • Access to my online hub of resources and strategic trainings
  • Access to my Tuscan Business & Mindset Retreat (yup! My one-to-one clients get to join me at this transformational retreat!)
the flourish mentor one to one whatsapp only

WhatsApp-only mentoring

Looking for something a little different?

If you’ve worked with a Mentor or Coach before and are not looking for the experiential elements of my full one-to-one proramme, I offer a limited number of WhatsApp-only programmes.

✔️ We’ll have a deep-dive onboarding, so I can hit the ground running with supporting you

✔️ You’ll have Monday to Friday access to me via WhatsApp (or Slack if you’d prefer) to cover anything and everything you need to keep moving forward in your business

This type of support is perfect if you’re good at asking questions and can be super intentional about what you want to get out of support.

This package is either for 3 or 6 months.

Investment starts at £666 p/m.

are you better in person?

A personalised VIP Day might be just what you need right now!

holly wood flourish mentor and client legs

You are the vip of your biz!

Fun, food & flourishing in person

I love connecting with my clients and there’s no better way than doing that in person. 

Plus, we get to eat, drink & have giggles along the way!

Whether you want to get seriously strategic with SEO, nail your email marketing funnel or overhaul your pricing and service ladder… an in-person VIP day is for you and you only.

But I only have space for 1 per month! So move quick if you want to get in!

Investment starts at £777.

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