Are you ready to flourish?

If you are a high-achieving person who is ready to step into Your Ultimate You Era & reach your fullest potential, you’re in the right place!

Using a tried & tested Psychology-based Coaching Framework, I’ll support you to re-establish your identity, embody unwavering confidence & reach your vision of success.

One-to-One Transformational
& Positive Psychology Coaching

I am the one and only Flourish Mentor®️ – a Psychologist & Coach for Successul Women. I am here to support you be the ultimate version of yourself & reach your vision of success.

You want to be, do & have more – you deserve it!

Integrating Individual, Behavioural & Positive Psychology frameworks & tools, into my transformational coaching model – I support you to:

♦ Step into your most authentic self

♦ Re-establish your true identity

♦ Embody unwavering self-confidence

♦ Reach your fullest potential

♦ Live a life that feels completely aligned

If you’re at a cross-roads, feeling stuck, know you’re meant for more or are just ready to get to that next level of YOU, then I am here to support you.

Keep reading below to find out how…

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Your Ultimate You Era

re-establish your confidence & identity, so you can unlock your true potential, superpowers & aligned purpose & reach YOUR vision of success. 

My 12-month transformational 1:1 coaching programme is the most deep, immersive & experiential programme I offer. 

Incorporating Pyschology, Coaching, VIP treatment, Travel & Foodies Experiences PLUS plenty of goodies & surprises along the way.

This is for you if you’re ready to put yourself & your happiness & success in life first.

If you’re ready to operate as your truly authentic self, embody your values & live in alignment with you really are – you’re ready to step into Your Ultimate You Era.

The Programme involves:

✔️ Psychometric exploration including: personality type, innate strengths, values-work & success style

✔️ Transformational coaching that’ll have an impact on your work, life & even love success

✔️ Accountability & support every step of the way with a direct communication channel with me

✔️ Immersive VIP experiences including a self-development spa day & VIP dinner experience

✔️ Flourish First Tuscan Retreat

✔️ Monthly surprise gift to support you on your journey

✔️ Access to all my events & online programmes

✔️ 12 month access to my Flourish First App

✔️ A celebratory surprise at the end of the programme that’ll have you truly embodying Your Ultimate You Era (worth over £2,000!)

I only work with a small number of women at any one time & spaces are application-only, as it’s vital that we’re a good fit for each other & that you’re ready for the next level of growth.

This is the fastest, most bespoke way for me to help you reach your goals.

Investment: £1250 p/month.

Holly Wood Psychologist and Coach work with me one to one coaching programme

Want to know more about whether this programme is right for you?

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6 steps to re-establishing your confidence & identity, so you can unlock your true potential, superpowers & aligned purpose and reach YOUR vision of success. 

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Why this type of coaching is important…

can you relate to this?

The biggest problems I see women like you face, are:

❌ Losing your sense of confidence & identity somewhere along the way (perhaps in work/career, a relationship, up-bringing or motherhood)

❌ Not identifying or being in-tune with your innate strengths & values (perhaps being told/taught that those strengths are your weaknesses)

❌ Worrying what others think of you or comparing yourself to others so much that you lose your sense of self-worth & clarity on who you are & what you’re meant for in life

If you can relate to 1 or all 3, then you’re definitely in the right place & I’m here to support you!

And here’s how…

✔️ My 1:1 transformative psychology-based coaching programme will help you reach YOUR true potential & truly flourish. 

✔️ It’ll help you gain more confidence & clarity to reach YOUR vision of success.

✔️ And it’ll give you a whole new sense of purpose & motivation that’ll have the most incredible impact on your work, life, relationships & everything around you. 

Using my signature Flourish First®️ Framework, I’ll guide & support you through these 6 key steps to you truly flourishing & entering…

Your Ultimate You Era!

Fancy a taster?


I get it, investing in yourself can be a scary thing (it’s also an incredibly empowering thing by the way!) – especially if you’re investing into coaching & development work with someone you may not know that well.

You may be an action-taker & know you’re ready for my 12-month Your Ultimate You Era Programme – or you may be more of a cautious soul who likes to dip your toe in first.

That’s why I offer a 3-session taster of the full programme and if you go onto working with me for the full 12 months, the cost of the taster sessions will be taken off of the full investment.

✔️ We’ll explore where you’re at right now & identify powerful, exciting goals for you to truly flourish

✔️ We’ll delve into your individual psychology & personality type & how that’ll impact your journey towards those goals

✔️ We’ll begin to explore your Gallup Strengths so you can start to understand your unique super-powers

These sessions will last 60 minutes each & are designed to give you an introduction to the type of coaching you’d experience with me.

Investment: £444 (limited spaces available)

Holly Wood Psychologist and Coach 1:1 Coaching taster

do you need a day just for you?

A personalised VIP Day might be just what you need right now!

Holly Wood Psychologist and Coach 1:1 transformational coaching

You are the vip of your biz!

Fun, food & flourishing in person

I love connecting with my clients and there’s no better way than doing that in person.

Plus, we get to eat, drink & have giggles along the way!

Of course you get 3 VIP days included in the Your Ultimate You Era Coaching Programme, but if you’re not quite ready for that yet, an in-person VIP day is for you…

There’s no better way to work on your self-development & goals, than to step out of your everyday & into a luxury setting.

You’ll leave your VIP day with:

♦ A new sense of clarity on what you truly want in life/work

♦ An action-plan to achieve your goals

♦ Motivation & confidence to step into your authentic self

…& so much more!

PLUS, you’ll get 3 weeks of Voxer support from me following the VIP day.

But I only have space for 1 per month!

So move quick if you want to get in!

Investment £999

or £1444 for a VIP Spa Day Experience.

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