The Formula to flourish®

12-Week Group Coaching Programme To Help You Grow Your Biz, Do More Of The Stuff You Truly Love AND Make Money (Even With A Small Audience).

The Formula To flourish ®

Over 12 weeks, I’m going to guide you through the essential digital marketing & mindset tools that you need to truly flourish as an entrepreneur & business.

A hybrid programme combining in-depth course materials, bespoke coaching sessions & mentoring from me, holding your hand every step of the way.

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The key result
you can expect from this programme..

Clarity, focus and strategy with your online marketing – PLUS knowledge of the next steps to grow and scale your business in a manageable way.

Is this for you ?

You NEED this programme if…

…you identify as a female entrepreneur, solopreneur and/or small business owner

…you have an established business/audience but are not seeing the growth you want & deserve

…you have never quite “nailed” a consistent and effective digital marketing strategy

…you’re tired of doing it on your own & want someone to have your back

…you spend more time feeling overwhelmed than you do feeling in your flow

…you are ready to commit to one thing that could change your business & mindset for good (no random courses/freebies/downloads that you don’t action)

…you know you need some accountability and support and thrive in a small group environment

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place!

Over 12 weeks, I’m going to guide you through the essential digital marketing & mindset tools that you need to truly flourish as an entrepreneur & business – including how to actually make them your own and apply them.

for busy and growing solopreneurs and small businesses

Grow your biz , do more of the stuff you love AND make money – even with a small audience

The Formula to Flourish® focusses on the stuff you actually need to know and how to implement it in the most efficient way!


12 weeks, 6 modules

• Over the 12 weeks, you will receive video content and accompanying materials for self-study.

• This will cover the fundamentals of an effective and scaleable digital marketing strategy.

•  As little as 2 hours per week!

•  Go at your own pace with lifetime access*!


Cut the crap. No fluff

•   I’m not promising get-rich-quick, or trending insta-growth techniques.

•   There is no one-size-fits-all strategy! (Otherwise we’d all be millionaires!)

•  You will learn essential need-to-know marketing techniques that you can actually implement and maintain consistently – that will give your business longevity.


Learning, actioning & coaching

•  No overwhelm and more focus.

•  By integrating live coaching sessions into the programme, you will actually be held accountable to implement the things you’re learning and make them applicable for you and your biz.

•  Actionable homework, live guidance & regular coaching.

•  Leave the programme, implementing a plan of action.

* Lifetime access means for the duration of the course’s existence (not yours or my actual lifetime – cos that would be silly!)

Nailing your digital marketing strategy & equipping yourself with the right practical & cognitive tools, gives you the confidence & freedom to flourish in your business, grow multiple channels of income online & work flexibly in a way that works for you.

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Hey there busy solopreneur !

I get it! You are growing and running a business, juggling work/life/kids and time is precious. You’re sick of all the jargon, you can’t keep up with the “insta algorithm” chat and you can’t be arsed with TikTok.

There’s so much noise out there on social media!

You know you can be using digital marketing to grow your business, but you’re not sure what to focus on & what will be the best use of your time, so instead you’re floundering under an endless to-do list and your business isn’t seeing the growth it deserves.

You want results and you don’t have time to waste.

Well, you’re in the right place!

Course dates


So make sure you start the year right & join an already amazing community of flourishers who are ready to welcome you with open arms.

It is so much more than a course!

The Formula to Flourish® combines course materials, mentorship and coaching techniques, to ensure that you’re actually making steps before the 12 weeks are over! No excuses!

By joining me inside the programme, you’ll get the benefits of learning materials that you can access again and again, coaching and mentorship from me (the first and only Flourish Mentor™️ ), as well as support for a small group of likeminded and flourish solopreneurs.

Grow your business with Forumla To FlourishⓇ Programme from Holly Wood
Grow your business with Forumla To FlourishⓇ Programme from Holly Wood

Programme outline

Module 1 – Understanding your formula to flourish

Result: Confidently outlining your vision, purpose & goals

Unpicking those mindset blocks, truly understanding YOUR why, your motivators & your voice. If you don’t do the ground-work here, everything else is sooooo much harder! Infusing proven Positive Psychology techniques to give you the best possible grounding to flourish.
Module 2 – Social Media marketing (the sh*t you actually need to know!)

Result: A defined content strategy, pillars & calendar

No quick-fix-how-to-go-viral-bullsh*t (sorry!). This module is about finding your flow with social media, making it less of a chore, removing the emotion and confidently showing-up in a way that feels right for you and your business.
Module 3 – Building a mailing list that converts and email marketing for the win!

Result: A mapped-out email marketing strategy

I’ve been harping on about this & have been selling & growing through my email marketing for years! I think people are finally cottoning-on to the power of the mailing list & this module walks you through everything you need to know, plus a ton of actionable strategy that you can make your own!
Module 4 – SEO can be sexy (sort of!)

Result: An SEO strategy you can implement right away

The golden nugget that every biz owner wants & needs to truly have longevity with their brand/biz is… organic traffic! You know, when you get a lead/customer & you have no idea where they came from? It’s magic! Well, actually, it’s pretty simple & actionable strategy that doesn’t have to add days/weeks of work!
Module 5 – Implementation

Result: Being able to identify your personal flow

Often the bit overlooked by your average course… how to actually get sh*t done! Finding your flow with work and taking stock of the progress you’ve made so far!
Module 6 – Time management, getting organised and nailing YOUR strategy!

Result: A plan of action & organised calendar to follow

If you don’t have processes & systems in place, everything you’ve learnt so far is almost a waste of time! This module will talk you through the bits that’ll save hours/days/weeks & make running your biz simpler, more effective & less exhausting!
Plus bonuses & surprises along the way!

A personal invitation from me..

I have been a digital content creator and entrepreneur for 13 years & have successfully launched & grown multiple businesses online.

I have taught & mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs & content creators on essential digital marketing strategy & now combine my studies of Positive Psychology, to ensure the right mindset sits alongside it.

I’ve tried most things out at least once, made all the mistakes, learnt & grown over the years.

I’ve gone from feeling overwhelmed & floundering when I sit down at my desk, to focussed & confident with a clear plan of action. I run a business that feels aligned and keeps me in my flow.

I know what it’s like to compare yourself to others, to feel like everyone else is winning & that you must be missing some vital ingredient. You’re not!

If you’re committed to making 2022 the year that you finally nail your digital marketing strategy & grow your brand/business in the way you want, then start right now – join me in the The Formula to Flourish®

I can’t wait to help you on that journey.

Building relationships in Flourish Community Holly Wood

success stories

6 modules, delivered succinctly and with depth!

The full low-down

If you’re still on the fence about the serious amount of value within this programme… here’s a full low-down of what you can expect in each module of the course. I like to keep a few surprises for along the way too!

Module 1 - Understanding your formula to flourish

If you don’t know who you are & what you’re saying, then believe me, your audience won’t either!

In this module we’ll cover:

  • Who you are, your offering & USP
  • Validation techniques to eliminate the feeling of fraud/imposter
  • Getting comfortable with selling yourself & showcasing your expertise
  • Positive Psychology & success mindset techniques

* Bonus content *

  • Brand aesthetics & mood-boarding

Module 2 - Social Media Marketing must-knows

If you’ve become stagnant in your social growth or just aren’t sure how to use a platform like instagram for business, this module has got your covered!

In this module we’ll cover:

  • Drill down who your ICA is & how/where to find them
  • My “rules of engagement”
  • How to actually use instagram as a business (no bullsh*t algorithm “hacks”!) and remove the emotion tied-up in the platform
  • Nailing your Content Pillars and consistently coming-up with content

* Bonus content *

  • How to use video in the way that feels right for you

Module 3 - Building a mailing list that converts

If you’re a brand, business or service-provider & you don’t have a mailing list that you’re utilising, you’re missing a HUGE trick!

In this module we’ll cover:

  • Why mailing lists are essential to growth & conversion
  • How to build a mailing list full of your ideal clients
  • Email marketing essentials & nurturing through to conversion
  • Time-saving techniques & automation (hello funnels!)

* Bonus content *

  • Top lead magnet ideas for all niches and industries

Module 4 - The importance of SEO

Whether it’s a website or blog, if you don’t own your little corner of the internet, you’ll be lacking on organic traffic & long-term growth.

In this module we’ll cover:

  • Why SEO is important & how it impacts the long-game
  • Key word essentials & research strategy
  • How to actually optimise a website or blog-post for continual organic traffic
  • Next level SEO (think image optimisation, alt-tagging & link-building strategies that are legit!)

* Bonus content *

  • SEO check-list & key-word templates

Module 5 - It's time to implement

This will be the perfect time to take stock of everything you’ve learned so far in the course.

Time to have a breather, “catch-up” on any of the lives you may have missed & reach-out with any questions you have.

I’ll be on-hand to support loads throughout this week & there’ll be some nice mindfulness treats for you too.


* Bonus content *

  • Think digital & mental wellness

Module 6 - Getting organised & nailing your strategy

To finish the programme on a high, you’ll be leaving with your next 12-weeks strategy. You’ll walk away feeling empowered, focused & clear on what to do to grow your brand/business online in a way that works for you!

We finish with:

  • Content planning
  • Time Management techniques that you’ll be able to implement right away
  • How to implement a strategy that you’ll actually stick to!

* Bonus content *

  • Checklists, planners & entrepreneurial must-haves!

* bonus number 1 *

Free flourish membership for 2022.

By securing your place on your place on The Formula to Flourish™️, you will also benefit from free membership to the flourish membership community for the whole of 2022 (worth over £450)!

This means you’ll be able to continue to flourish, with the support of likeminded businesses and keep yourself accountable for the rest of the year, at no extra cost.

Serious magic happens in the flourish community.


I'll help you up-level. As The Flourish Mentor™️

I’ll help you up-level

As The Flourish Mentor™️, I will be bringing you support, accountability, coaching and mentoring – all inside this one programme.

I will use the strategies, knowledge and insight that I know work for me, my clients and my peers.

The programme has limited spaces, so will be a very intimate and safe environment for you to maximise – getting bespoke 1:1 advice and expertise along the way. PLUS, you’ll benefit from the support of your fellow flourishers who will undoubtedly be able to champion you, give you insights and knowledge that you would not have had access to.

The Formula to Flourish™️ has the potential to give you life-long friendships, collaboration opportunities and even new clients!

Plus more bonuses to help you along the way…

Happy Client Carla Speight - Flourish with Holly Wood

Facebook lives & Zoom coaching calls

For support on anything and everything along the way.

Happy Client Carla Speight - Flourish with Holly Wood

A graduation zoom-call

Finish the programme with your fellow flourishers and celebrate those wins.

Happy Client Carla Speight - Flourish with Holly Wood

Private members community

Support and community from within your private members facebook and WhatsApp groups.

* Another bonus *

A final gift from me to you

By committing to yourself and this programme, you will also receive this gorgeous bundle of flourishing goodies (worth over £50) absolutely free!
You will receive:

  • a 6-month undated flourish & flow planner (to help keep you focussed)
  • a flourish notebook for all those scribbles along the way
  • my amazing flourish marketing and mindset prompt card deck
The Flourish and flow planner by Holly Wood

What you get

The investment

What you will learn during this programme, will carry you forward for years to come and will instil changes that’ll benefit you in so many ways.

With live access to me, as your Mentor (as well as your group), you can truly get as much out of the 12 weeks as you want – it is your time, to use as you want and need.

Working with me for this duration of time, usually costs over £2,500 – you could save over £1300 by enrolling on this programme today. Plus more savings below…

Pay in full (biggest saving)

A single payment of £899 saves you £226 on the payment plan. It also saves you over £1300 on the cost of 1:1 mentoring.

Plus, you’ll receive:

1 year’s free membership to flourish (worth £468)
Free Flourish Prompt Card Deck (worth £25)
Free Flourish & Flow 6-month planner (worth £17)
Free Flourish notepad (worth £9)


Payment plan (convenience)

3 monthly payments of £375 spreads the cost of the programme, making it more manageable (whilst still benefitting from an over 50% savings on 1:1 mentoring).

Plus, you’ll receive:


1 year’s free membership to flourish (worth £468)

Free Flourish Prompt Card Deck (worth £25)
Free Flourish & Flow 6-month planner (worth £17)
Free Flourish notepad (worth £9)

£1,125 (as 3x payments of £375)

Here’s what some of our existing members think of flourish

We can flourish

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve got A’s for your Q’s

Is there a payment plan?
Yes, when bookings are live, you can choose to pay in full (saving yourself money), or to split your payments for a more manageable plan.
Do you have a refund policy?
Yes, I offer a 14-day refund from the day you sign-up to the programme. But, I will say, I only recommend you sign-up if you are fully committed, as I know that you WILL get so much from it, if you commit to yourself & your development.
It's a big investment for me, I'm a bit unsure?
I get it! I’ve been there. I also know that when I truly saw change & growth in my biz, was when I went all-in & invested in my learning & development. That’s why I’ve given you a ton of content, at a fraction of the price I’d charge for 1:1 mentorship. Plus you have a payment plan option to make it more approachable.
I'm worried I don't have enough time?
Again, I hear you! I’m busy too. I’ve worked hard to streamline this programme as much as possible, whilst not skimping on the value! I’d say 1-2 hours a week to watch, read & digest any learning materials that you want, plus 2 hours to start implementing them would be plenty to get you going. Then the coaching calls are 60-90 mins fortnightly and the facebook lives are 45 mins fortnightly. So that’s just 3-4 hours a week… I’m sure you can sacrifice a Netflix boxset for your business growth?! Plus… don’t forget, I’ve included that implementation module, to give you room to breathe & catch-up if needed.
What do I need to complete the programme?
Great question! Just yourself, access to the internet & a notebook & pen. The course modules will be hosted online, via a dedicated website. The private community will be on facebook and you’ll have the option to opt-in to a private Whatsapp channel too. If you don’t like facebook, I recommend you just create a profile page for your business, so you don’t miss out on the extra support.
What if something comes up & I can't finish the course in 12 weeks?
Don’t worry! You’ll have access to the course materials for as long as you need them! The 12 weeks, is the time that I’ll be there to support you live – as your guide & mentor. But I know things come up, life gets in the way & I’ve designed this course with that in mind. Plus, I’m a mum, so am sensitive and used to working around school-pick-ups and holidays etc.

Any further questions – just send me an email to: [email protected]

Enrolment for this programme has now closed.

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