Formula to Flourish™️ Coaching & Mentoring Experience

My Signature Done-With-You 6 month+ Group Coaching and Mentorship Experience, for Business Owners who want to Grow Their Audience, Authority and Income so that they can have a Business that Truly Flourishes.

Formula to Flourish™️

Done-with-you Strategic Support

The Formula to Flourish™️ is a 6-month Group Coaching and Mentorship Experience with a difference.

Investment: £555 p/m (minimum 6 month commitment).

A perfect hybrid of done-with-you strategic development, accountability, mastermind, self-development and coaching.

Personalised support and a group of Business Besties that will have you developing high-converting funnels, generating more enquiries, utilising your strengths and having lots of laughs along the way. 

Supported with in-person experiences and retreats.

★ Perfect for those working towards consistent higher profitable monthly income and a business with longevity.

This experience is for you if you are building your consistent monthly income, want to generate more organic enquiries and grow your business without working more hours or feeling overwhelmed with stress.

You’ll have access to my courses and in-person events, so The Formula to Flourish™️ really is all you’ll need to get the results you want!

This container is application-only, so begin your no-obligations application now…

Holly Wood Flourish Mentor celebrating in Tuscan Retreat
Holly Wood flourish mentor drinking by the pool in Tuscany

Is this exactly what you’ve been looking for?

6+ months of Done-With-You Digital Marketing Strategy, Support & Coaching bespoke for your biz?

Execute a well-rounded and high-converting digital marketing strategy with confidence, bespoke for your business and have the motivation and accountability to continually implement it, so that you can:

★ Have higher income months

★ Have more enquiries coming-in from your ideal client

★ Have more freedom and flexibility in your day to day life

Owning your own business doesn’t have to be a slog and it shouldn’t be overwhelming. 

You can build a business that has longevity, simplicity and feels good to run. 

It is okay to want to earn more money and reach new levels of success – that success is waiting for you to claim it.

You deserve to flourish as an entrepreneur and life the life you want to. 

If I can do this, juggling family life, you can too!

The key results
you can expect from the experience..

★ Generate more enquiries from your ideal clients/customers (and actually convert them, again & again)

★ Have the confidence to execute a multi-layered marketing strategy that is truly effective (and actually feels good and aligned to you)

★ Continually build an audience that grows with you (and allows your business to flourish into the future, not just momentarily)

This is for you !

You NEED this mentoring experience if…

★ You know you will flourish with high-touch support for 10 months, so you don’t have to navigate the challenging world of biz & marketing alone. 

★ You’re sick of riding from launch to launch, hoping for a repeat performance of your most successful one and want to build consistent monthly income. 

★ You currently rely on only one marketing channel to bring you consistent enquiries and build your business (and if you’re honest, it’s not as effective as it needs to be). 

★ You don’t currently have high-converting funnels that work for you, in the background. 

★ You want strategic marketing, mindset and business support, online and in person… all in one place!

If this sounds like you, The Formula to Flourish™️ is exactly what you need!

I can only support a limited number of women entrepreneurs inside this experience, so start your application now, so we can see if we’re a good fit for each other and get your flourishing ASAP!

Holly Wood Formula to Flourish Coach

for busy, growing business owners who value well-being & flexibility over hustle & burn-out

Grow your biz , do more of the stuff you love AND make more money – even with a small audience

The landscape for small & growing businesses is changing. There’s more competition than ever before and it’s getting harder and harder to stand out! 

Continually working from one month to the next without a proper strategy is no longer enough to get by if you truly want the freedom and flexibility that building your own biz can bring.

And let’s face it! What’s the point in going it alone if it’s a slog, makes you ill and burns you out?

Having your own biz should be hard work yes! But it should also be fun! And rewarding! And satisfying!

Why work all those hours and risk so much if you’re not going to flourish whilst doing it!? 

That’s where The Formula to Flourish™️ comes in…

formula to flourish coaching holly wood sat on table working

Strategic Marketing

★ Social Media Marketing that feels good and that you actually enjoy showing-up for

★ Sexy SEO that’ll have you attracting organic enquiries while you sleep

★ Effective Email Marketing that’ll give you another sales and income channel

★ Strategic funnels building so you no longer have to rely on live-launching alone

★ Systems and Processes that’ll allow you to scale and grow with ease

Mindset Matters

★ Positive-Psychology infused approach to entrepreneurialism (the science says that those with higher wellbeing are more successful)

★ Coaching sessions and tools to instil confidence, connection and self-awareness

★ Check-ins to keep you on-track, feeling good and supported at all times (you no longer have to do this alone!)


★ Intimate group experience so you can build a bunch of business besties who share your ambitions

★ Regular in-person events, workshops and experiences to keep us connected, inspired and flourishing

★ Incredible Tuscan business and marketing retreat for ultimate depth, transformation and growth

★ Your own One-to-one support channel, to feel held throughout

Join the Experience Now

I’ve listened hard to everything my clients, peers & audience have said over the last 12 months & I’ve created something that suits exactly what growing entrepreneurs need most right now… digital marketing strategy & support for more than just a few weeks!

And a container that provides effective mindset support too, so that you’re in the best place to build your biz & truly flourish. Because believe me, without the mindset, you are limiting your growth and income potential!

✖ Don’t make the same mistake I see so many other growing business owners make…!

★ If you’re not looking beyond a year, you’re missing a trick. Success doesn’t happen overnight & it’s not enough to implement effective strategy temporarily, hoping for the secret formula that means you no longer have to work to grow. 

★★ Instead, make this the year you develop and build your business and strategy that truly instils confidence in your offering… so that this is the year you reap the rewards & see incredible growth as a biz with longevity. ★★

The finer points:

I can only support a handful of entrepreneurs in this way and at this level, for this duration of time.

So I am only looking to work with women who are serious about growing a biz that they can manage and scale sustainably, without burning out in the process and who are willing to do the work that’ll mean you reach your vision of success.

So if you are genuinely interested in a container that’s a bit different from the other programmes out there and that will provide multiple levels of development & support for your biz across almost a year, then Flourish First™️ could be for you and I’d love to chat, to see if we’re the right fit for each other.

Start your application by completing a simple questionnaire and I’ll be in touch!

Apply here

Return on investment 

There is no magic formula to success or wealth & only you are truly responsible for your success. Ultimately, your success comes down to your offering & your implementation of the strategies you’ll learn inside the Accelerator.

By surrounding yourself with the right people, support, mentors & coaches, you are giving yourself the best opportunity to succeed, faster. (I’ve learnt that over the last 8 years in biz!).

So although I offer no financial guarantees (& I’d question anyone who does!), I can share results that I & my clients have experienced, such as:

£20k income months

6-figure income years

Consistent £6-8k income months

Working 4 days per week 

Taking 12 weeks holiday per year 

Creating passive income channels that cover all biz costs 

​​Genuinely enjoying waking up for work every day 

Sell-out launches that feel easy & fun

Highest turnover shop days (retail based bricks & mortar biz)

Doubling traffic to website 

Tripling enquiries within 3 months 

Increasing sales conversion rates from 20% to 70% 

★ 8% sales conversion on live launching 

10x-ing the number of people on their mailing list 

Having confidence to be more visible as the face of their biz & sell what they have to offer 

And rest assured, I only work with clients that I truly believe I can support, bring value to & who I think will see incredible results! 

Please note: 

It’s important that you understand that income does not mean profit. 6 and even 7 figure businesses can still be barely profitable. So although I can give you examples of income my clients & I have achieved whilst working with me & since implementing my strategies, this does not guarantee you a profitable biz. But rest assured, this is something we’ll discuss & strategise throughout our time together, so that you are building a biz that is effective & profitable in the long run. Every biz comes with investment & risk, so it’s important that you understand this & work with a mentor/coach/strategist that can offer insight & support or access to experts along the way (as I will in this container). 

“I want it all… money, freedom, health and joy!”

Flourishing as an entrepreneur means you have an instilled sense of confidence, happiness and success.

You deserve to flourish.


The full low-down

Truth is, it’s hard to quantify what an experience like The Formula to Flourish™️ is, in a few words.

It’s an incredible mix of strategic development, connection, implementation, depth and growth. But this should give you a good idea…

Monthly Strategic Workshop

A space for you to develop & build YOUR digital marketing strategy in a variety of areas including:

★ Powerful Brand Messaging and Ultimate Client Attraction

★ List Growth & Audience Building of your ideal clients

★ Email Marketing & Funnels that convert

★ Social Media Marketing that makes you feel good

★ Search and SEO for coveted organic traffic

★ Time Management & Systems for Sucessful Entrepreneurs

With these workshops you’ll always be optimising & fine-tuning your strategy to bring you more results.


Live Bespoke and Tailored Support

I realise that everyone flourishes with different types of support at different times and I want to offer a multi-level approach inside The Formula to Flourish™️, so you can get what YOU need, when you need it.


★ Live Q&As and accountability

★ Strategic feedback and review

★ In-person group strategy & co-working days

★ Group Comms Channel with me

The whole idea is that you keep making steps, implementing and reviewing as you go. With plenty of space to bounce ideas, evaluate and develop along the way. 


More than Marketing (hint: Mindset matters)

To build a successful business that flourishes, you need so much more than just an awesome digital marketing strategy and I want you to be able to get that here inside the experience too. 

The extra support you’ll benefit from:

★ Regular Positive Psychology Coaching sessions & In-Your-Pocket Toolkit

★ 1:1 with a Industry-leading Tech Mentor (to audit your systems & answer all your tech-stack questions)

★ 1:1 with a Wellness Coach (to build your perfect success routine)

★ Guest workshops in: sales, business legals, PR and more

Experiential Touches

I want The Formula to Flourish™️ to be an experience on so many levels. So you’ll have access to all my in-person events including a VIP rate to my incredible Tuscan Retreat.

It’s experiences like this that deepen the connection with your business, other entrepreneurs and are truly game-changing.

Being a successful entrepreneur is so much more than implementing strategy… it’s energetics, mindset and experience.

★ When you combine all of the above – then you’ll begin to truly flourish! ★

Formula to Flourish Coaching holly wood flourish mentor sat on chair
Formula to Flourish Coaching holly wood tarot cards

A personal invitation from me..

I have been a digital content creator and entrepreneur for 13 years & have successfully launched & grown multiple businesses online.

I have taught & mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs & content creators on essential digital marketing strategy & now combine my studies of Positive Psychology, to ensure the right mindset sits alongside it.

I’ve tried most things out at least once, made all the mistakes, learnt & grown over the years.

I’ve gone from feeling overwhelmed & floundering when I sit down at my desk, to focussed & confident with a clear plan of action. I run a business that feels aligned and keeps me in my flow.

I know what it’s like to compare yourself to others, to feel like everyone else is winning & that you must be missing some vital ingredient. You’re not!

If you’re committed to making this YOUR time, the time when you finally nail your digital marketing strategy and grow your brand/business in the way you want, then start right now – join me in The Formula to Flourish™️

I can’t wait to help you on that journey.

Holly Wood Flourish Mentor Formula to Flourish

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve got A’s for your Q’s

How much is the investment?

If you are offered a place in the Formula to Flourish, you will be offered the opportunity to pay in full at £3,333 (& receive a bonus 1:1 call with me) or pay monthly payments of £555.50 for a minimum of 6 months. After the 6 months, you’ll be invited to renew at a special VIP rate.

Why do I have to apply?

I’ll be honest, this Coaching & Mentoring Experience is not for time-wasters or those unsure of what they want. It’s therefore not an “open-door” policy. It’s important that the women inside The Formula to Flourish™️, get the best possible experience and some of this comes down to who else is inside the container. I therefore carefully manage this process, to ensure everyone is the right fit for the container, each other and me! The best way to do this, is via a simple, no-obligations application that gets the ball rolling so we can get to know each other a bit first. 

When can I start?

The doors officially open in January 2024, but anyone jumping-in before will benefit from an extended onboarding period with me, so there’s no time like the present! Apply now to accelerate your growth today.

I'm not ready now, can I join in later?

Even if you don’t think you’re ready, it’s still a good idea to start your application process now, so we can ascertain whether The Formula to Flourish™️ is the right programme for you. If it is, we can start your onboarding process right away and agree a start date.

What level of business should I be at?

Great question! The Formula to Flourish is designed for entrepreneurs who have a proven channel of income. Generally speaking, those sitting around £2-3k pm income, but wanting to get to consistent £3-8k months, are going to benefit the most from this container. But money isn’t everything! I know what it’s like to be REALLY AMAZING at what you do, but it doesn’t reflect in your bank balance…

The most important thing however, is ambition, dedication and attitude… and this is why I have an application process as I know not everyone will fit a certain income-based criteria.

How do I know if The Formula to Flourish™️ is for me?

My best piece of advice, is to drop me a DM on insta (@theflourishmentor), so we can exchange a few voice-notes. It’s a great way to get a sense of me, my approach and the sort of person I am. I pride myself on offering maximum value, results and being approachable and kind. And just ask questions – I love questions! I’m a details person, so never mind someone doing their research… you should!

And again, even if you’re not 100% sure at this stage, it’s worth starting the application process and we can tackle any questions/concerns along the way.

I am NOT about a hard-sell. I don’t want anyone in this container that isn’t meant to be there. So I’ll help you figure out if The Formula to Flourish™️ is right for you or not.

Any further questions – just send me an email to: [email protected] or book a call on this page.

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