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Are you a Founder who is ready to increase your prices?

by | Apr 6, 2023 | Business Growth, Coaching

Are you a founder who is ready to increase your prices?

Are you a values-driven Founder, Entrepreneur, Coach or Mentor who is feeling stuck with pricing your services? Have you been hesitant to increase prices, even though you know it’s key for business growth and success? Have you hit the ceiling in your business income? Perhaps you’re fully-booked and can’t see how you’ll grow? Or maybe you know how to grow, but something is holding you back…

More often than not, the biggest thing holding back founders, entrepreneurs, coaches and mentors from truly growing their business, to generate more income, is their pricing. Pricing can be such a huge stumbling block for many and without even knowing it, you’re creating your own ceiling on your income due to your lack of confidence in your pricing strategy.

My first ever business offer was a £2.50 per month membership! I know! £2.50!! I was never going to reach my personal vision of success with an offer like that, but I didn’t have the tools and insights I have now! I now sell offers ranging up to £10k and it’s never felt more aligned!

So… are you a founder who is ready to increase your prices? If so, read on…


Why it’s OK to increase your prices

It’s time to ditch the fear of increasing your prices! Growing your business and earning more money doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your values. I get it! I’m a values-led Founder too and that can sometimes lead to questioning your ambition and drive to earn more money. But you can still be in integrity and earn more money (if you’re like me, I’m sure part of your why is to be able to do more for others with that money!). A shift in mindset and confidence is key to feeling empowered and comfortable with raising your prices.


The Benefits of raising your prices as a Founder

Have you ever thought that you’d alienate people by being too expensive? I’ve been there!

Well, have you ever thought that you can alienate people by pricing too low? Perhaps you haven’t!

In my experience, founders, entrepreneurs, coaches and mentors lose clients due to low pricing just as often as they do due to high! This is because it comes down to knowing WHO you want to work with. If the answer is high-ticket clients or customers who are willing to invest more, then they are unlikely to work with you if you price too low. Sometimes pricing too low, leads to the assumption that you’re not going to deliver the thing/result/experience the client or customer wants. So they’ll go elsewhere (and will probably pay more for it too!).

So increasing your pricing, can actually lead to more clients and more importantly… more aligned clients. We all want to work with dream clients right?

Increasing your prices can also benefit your business in the long-run too. Having higher profit margins, means you have more to play with when it comes to scaling your business (if that’s what you want) and developing it the way you want to. A stagnating income can potentially mean a stagnating business.

And of course there’s something to be said for the confidence that goes along with pricing your services/products accordingly. When you feel aligned with your pricing, you emanate confidence and that’s super attractive to potential clients and customers. Then when you realise your dream clients and customers are buying, you can say bye-bye to imposter syndrome!

Pricing is a tricky subject for service-based business owners. But, with the right strategy, that feels aligned, we can navigate the strange waters of increasing our prices and growing our businesses in the way we want!


So if you are a founder who is ready to increase your prices, but you’ve been scared… you are scared to increase your prices but want to see your business grow, you should join me in my free 3-day Pricing Shift Challenge and see the abundance of potential that could be waiting for you just on the other side of that uncomfortable reach for the stars. Don’t let the thought of change stop you from achieving success; get out there and go get it! Challenge yourself to create something remarkable and first class, then watch your business flourish, by making more money while still delivering great value to your dream clients.


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