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Using AI to Create Content: Authentic Marketing Content Made Simpler

by | Jun 15, 2023 | Business Growth, Coaching, Digital Marketing Strategy, Digital Mentor & Coach, Productivity, Retreats


In this fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, creating magnetic marketing content is essential for engaging with your audience and growing an incredible business. It’s no longer enough to show-up… you’ve got to show-up with purpose, authenticity & engaging content. 


But as business owners, it can be hard to do all the things can’t it?! And having a diversified marketing strategy, where you show-up on multiple platforms, means generating A LOT of content!


The biggest issue I find with the entrepreneurs I work with, is they know they need to market their businesses more consistently and they know they need to show-up on more than social media, but they find it completely overwhelming to create enough content in the very little amount of time they have in their busy weeks.

Have you thought about using AI to create content?

I know using artificial intelligence (AI) like ChatGPT  or Jaspar is a polarising topic in the world of marketing and content creation right now. It’s a bit like marmite – you’re either embracing it and loving it, or you’re totally sceptical and gagging at the idea!


The very idea of using AI to create content may leave many women entrepreneurs feeling apprehensive about losing their creativity and authentic voice. I know that was one of my biggest fears. But fear not! In this blog post, we’ll explore how AI can be harnessed as a valuable tool to simplify your content creation process WITHOUT compromising your unique tone of voice and authenticity. Believe me, it is possible!

Leveraging AI for Content Inspiration:

Ever been stuck for content ideas? Yup, all the time right?! Well AI-powered tools (like ChatGPT) can be a treasure trove of inspiration, helping you generate ideas for engaging marketing content. By simply starting with your content pillars, brand values or key marketing messages, AI can help you generate a ton of ideas to get those creative juices flowing and help you get into flow with your writing way more quickly.


Crafting Engaging Copy with AI Assistance:

Writing captivating copy is an art form, and some people love it and some people don’t. I’ve worked with clients who are seriously talented copy-writers and I’ve worked with clients who struggle as it’s not their genius zone (and why should it be?!). Well AI can be your trusted companion in perfecting engaging copy, in a matter of minutes. AI tools like ChatGPT, can suggest alternative phrases, provide grammar and style recommendations, and even help you refine your messaging to make it more impactful. These tools act as helpful guides, providing suggestions that enhance your writing while allowing you to retain control over the final product. And that’s just it, using AI to create content is just using a tool in your business… you’re not selling your soul, don’t worry!


Making Content Creation Quicker:

I get it, you’re busy! Adding anything new into the mix with your business is daunting and potentially overwhelming. Using AI to create content can actually shave hours off your process and this is probably the key reason that I love it and am a total convert! Even as someone who loves creating content, as a busy growing business owner, I just genuinely don’t have much time and it takes certain conditions to get me into creative flow. When I began to experiment with AI, I realised that it wasn’t removing the creative process from me, it was aiding it, making it a helluva lot simpler AND quicker. And we all know, time is money right?!

Infusing Your Authentic Voice:

One of the common concerns about using AI to to create content, is the fear of losing your unique tone of voice and authenticity. What if your marketing just sounds like everybody else?! What if people can sniff out the robotic voice behind it? 


However, I assure you, with intention, AI can actually complement your creative process while still reflecting your personal tone and brand values. In fact, the more specific you get with inputting your prompts into AI tools like ChatGPT, the more authentic and tailored suggestions you’ll get. (I give you some great command prompts in this freebie).

If you’re worried that you’re selling your creative soul by using AI to create content, reframe! What if AI is just an incredible tool that can become part of your team? What if AI is another piece of tech that you add to the mix that makes your life as a business owner that little bit easier? What if AI actually means that you’ll speak to your audience more, build better relationships and even generate more income?! Doesn’t sound as awful when you put it like that does it?


Remember, AI is a tool that supports you, not replaces you. And your unique perspective should always shine through. 

Guess what? – ChatGPT helped me create the bones of this blog post, which it generated in under a minute from a carefully curated command from me. I’ve then spent 15 minutes editing it and adding my personal flourishes and unique voice and perspective. So it’s probably halved my content creation time, yet not halved my authenticity. Not bad!


Using AI to create content as an entrepreneur doesn’t automatically mean sacrificing your creativity or authenticity. Used right, AI offers an opportunity to streamline your marketing efforts and simplify your content creation process, allowing your unique voice to flourish and building stronger connections with your target audience. So, take the leap and let AI be your trusted ally in creating impactful marketing content that reflects your true self.


Remember, you are the driving force behind your brand’s authenticity, and AI is simply a tool to amplify your creativity and make your entrepreneurial journey more manageable. Embrace the possibilities, and watch your content flourish with a perfect blend of human ingenuity and AI-powered support.

Fancy a Freebie?

I’ve created 22 prompts that can be used with AI tools like ChatGPT to generate content that still feels relevant and aligned with your brand or business. Download it right now here & unlock the power of AI.

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