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Flourish Events for Female Entrepreneurs – Summer round-up

by | Sep 13, 2022 | Business Growth, Coaching, Digital Marketing Strategy

July’s event in Manchester saw 20 incredible female entrepreneurs come together in a fabulous space to not only network and support each other, but to leave fired-up for their businesses, with new strategies to implement and tons of Positive Psychology too! 

This is my fave kinda event – biz chat, workshops, good food (thanks to NibbleNQ), some Prosecco and lots of laughs. 

There were penny-drop moments and business revelations, alongside friendships being forged and collaborations coming to life. 

Nothing gets me more in flow, than delivering my experience and learnings to a bunch of women, knowing that it’s going to raise them up and reignite their passions for their incredible businesses. 

In the room were website designers, wellness coaches, interior designers, social media managers, virtual assistants, personal trainers, IVF experts, cafe owners and every kind of business in between! An eclectic mix with a shared interest – growing their businesses and realising their vision of success. 

The low-down at July’s flourish event for female entrepreneurs:

We started with introductions (of course), before I walked the room through a Positive Pyschology-based guided visualisation. This was a powerful exercise to set intentions for the day and also to get into the right mindset. 

I then delivered a strategic masterclass on Client Attraction, answering loads of questions as I went and opening the floor to discussion about what blocks us from being visible online as business owners. 

Time for lunch which ticked-all the boxes, thanks to flourisher Lauren aka NibbleNQ before moving into the afternoon session led by Female Branding Photographer, Karen aka With Passion and Purpose. Karen talked about confidence and limiting beliefs when it comes to visibility and also treated all attendees to a mini-branding shoot. 

We rounded-off the day with Prosecco & chat and I left with a heart full of love for my job and the women that I get to meet and support. 

I cannot wait for the flourish event for female entrepreneurs in September! 

Join me for my next in-person day event – packed full of positivity, personal & biz development. (Oh, & food/Prosecco!)

This event is for entrepreneurs who want to elevate & connect with like-minded biz besties! In a relaxed, informal & intentional environment.

I’m not gonna tell you too much about the line-up, because I want you to come with an open-mind & I know EVERYONE will get tons of value out of this day.

Here are some photos from our last event so you can see what it’s like and what a friendly bunch we are!

So what are you waiting for?

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