Are you ready to grow your online business and find more community, momentum & support?

When you find your people, that’s when the magic happens

Is this you ?

You own a business (or side-hustle) & you want it to flourish & find your flow as an entrepreneur.

You’re looking for more accountability & mojo, so that you don’t keep losing momentum.

You want to surround yourself with people who just get it!

You want the support, experience, friendships & inspiration from likeminded entrepreneurs.

You want to keep on top of your learning & development in the digital marketing space.

You want all of this in a stream-lined & approachable environment!

Flourish is designed with busy solopreneurs in mind!

More depth & focus for you & your business

the topics

Each month will focus on topics including:

• Planning/Time Management/Goals

•  Mailing Lists/Lead Magnets/Funnels

•  SEO/Blogs/Websites

•  Social Media Necessities

•  Sales/Pricing/Products

•  Mindset of Success

•   Wellness for Solopreneurs


no fluff

Your membership gets you this incredible value:

•   1 masterclass p/month

•   1 group goal-setting & accountability call p/month

•  1 boardroom call p/month

+ optional book club

+ bonus events & workshops along the way

Only an hour a week that you NEED to make time for!

less noise

Not another membership that becomes more overwhelming than useful!

•  This won’t be one of those communities with 700 notifications & posts a day.

•  You won’t be just a face – people will know your name & your business.

•  There will be structure & a calendar of events, plus 1 weekly email to tell you what’s coming-up.

The rest is up to you.

Hey there busy solopreneur !

Are you tired of sifting through endless amounts of information online and doing it all alone?

I get it! You’ve launched & are running a business, juggling work/life/kids/9 to 5 & time is precious. You know you want to grow (both personally & as a business) & you know you need some support to do that. Maybe you’re stuck in a rut? Maybe you’ve got so far on your own & now it’s time to reach out for help?

You want access to a mentor, but don’t need the 1:1 right now. Or maybe you’re having 1:1s & you want something to fill the gap & keep the momentum going.

There’s so much noise out there & your to-do list is as long as your arm, so you want a community that’s streamlined & useful – not overcrowded & overwhelming.

Sound like you?

Ready to join flourish ?

(& keep that growth momentum going?!)


So make sure you start the year right & join an already amazing community of flourishers who are ready to welcome you with open arms.
Get acces to a supportive like mind community - Join Flourish with Holly Wood

What you’ll have access to…

One Monthly Group Goal-setting & Accountability call

Goal-setting with a positive-psychology spin… At the beginning of each month, we meet online to set goals & intentions for the month ahead. It’s a great space to share insights & learnings from previous months too. Same day & time each month, so you can add them to your calendar & plan ahead.

One Monthly Boardroom call

Therapy for your business... Think of this as a board-meeting with fellow entrepreneurs. Check-in with your fellow flourishers, share wins, float ideas, get advice & learn from each other – from people who actually get it & are on the same journey. You’ll get the dates for these 3 months in advance, so you can add them to your calendar & plan ahead.

One Monthly Masterclass

Always making steps… A monthly masterclass on a business & marketing-related topic – from finances, to facebook ads, from canva, to pinterest, from social media growth to PR & media packs. All those bits you need to keep on top of as a busy solopreneur. PLUS YOU’LL HAVE ACCESS TO MASTERCLASSES THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN & GONE IN OUR MEMBERS-ONLY VAULT.

Book Club

A recent addition to the membership – every other month, we pick a learning & development book to focus on & discuss. A great way to make sure you actually read all those books you order & apply your learnings to YOUR business.

Fun along the way

I don’t want to overpack your diaries, but I do like to throw in the occasional bonus workshop/event/social to keep things interesting. PLUS… live events & meet-ups coming soon!

One Weekly email

Concise & to the point! Telling you what you need to know for the week ahead.

All of that value & you can have it in less than an hour a week! No overwhelm here!

What you’ll have access to…

Community is at the heart of everything I do & something I pride myself on upholding with my flourish members.

With over 8 years experience of managing communities online, I am a present & active host… I consider myself a flourish member too & get just as much out of the community as you do.

We have a private members-only facebook group that I manage & check-in on regularly, as well as an optional whatsapp support group. I also show-up live lots… I’m hands-on!

We have twice-weekly check-in threads to set our intentions for the week on a Monday & then reflect on a Friday… it’s a great way of staying accountable & getting reassurance from your fellow flourishers.

Community, Inspire, Collaborate.

Building relationships in Flourish Community Holly Wood
Flourish Community in person meet ups
collaborate with the flourish community and membership - Holly Wood
Flourish Membership - in person meet ups by Holly Wood
Flourish - bringing like minded business owners together - Holly Wood Digital mentor

limited intake dates

Doors open to the flourish community, only a few times a year. This is to ensure that all members get dedicated time to settle-in & really get to know their fellow flourishers. It also adds to the sense of intimacy & camaraderie that’s built within the group.


Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself, you deserve it!

This is not for you if..


You’re totally happy flying solo & doing it all alone

You have no issues holding yourself accountable & keeping momentum throughout your working week
You’ve got nothing to learn from fellow entrepreneurs & those further along the journey than you
You feel completely focussed & clear on your goals & how to execute them
You hate the idea of making new friends that just get it
You have no interest in gaining amazing new contacts & benefiting from an awesome network
Why me & why flourish?

Meet the Founder

With over 13 years experience in growing a brand & multiple businesses online, my passion & expertise is in digital marketing (& we all need that if we hope to have a successful business these days right?).

I’ve recently completed my Masters in Psychology & have a keen interest in Positive Psychology & Coaching & Mentoring Psychology. This is where the mindset comes into it all… introducing more depth to the way you approach your business & yourself as an entrepreneur.

I believe that you can have all the digital marketing know-how in the world, but if your mindset isn’t in the right place, you won’t flourish in the way you deserve to. And vice-versa.

That’s why, with the flourish community & everything else I do, I combine marketing with mindset… that’s the thread running throughout.

My credentials…

I’ve mentored plenty of solopreneurs, small business owners & content-creators over the years and hosted multiple workshops for hundreds of individuals.

I’ve spoken on stage at the BBC Digicities event 2 years running & was included in the Northern Power Women’s Future List 2019.

I am the Founder of The Northern Blog Awards, have been a blogger for 13 years and have worked with 100s of brands, so have a ton of experience in the influencer marketing sphere.

I’ve appeared on BBC Radio Manchester multiple times and I also have my own podcast aimed at women solopreneurs. My passion & knowledge of building a brand & marketing myself online is the foundations of everything that I do with flourish.

Holly Wood Digital Mentor Flourish community
The Northern Blog Awards Founded by Holly Wood Digital Marketing Mentor & Coach
Here’s what some of our existing members think of flourish

We can flourish

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve got A’s for your Q’s

How much does it cost?

The flourish membership is just £39 per month. For the learning, support & community, it’s a ton of value for the price of a single takeaway. And don’t forget, this is an investment in your business, not a luxury or hobby!

Am I tied-in?

Nope! The beauty of flourish is that it’s a monthly rolling membership. I obviously hope you’ll be with us for months or even years to come, but you can cancel at any time by simply emailing

What's the difference between the membership & the course?

The Formula to Flourish is a 6-week guided course, so there’s A LOT of learning packed into a small space of time. It takes you from A to Z! The flourish membership is there to give you mojo & keep the momentum going with opportunities to learn as you go along. The two compliment each other well & some flourish members started off in the course & some go on to do the course.

Do I get access to you?
The beauty of the flourish community, is that I’m a member too! I’m active in the group & host the majority of the masterclasses & learning resources. Add to that a behind-the-scenes whatsapp group, where I share my personal business development & insights PLUS a monthly 1-2-1 check-in via whatsapp too… for those that are looking for access to a mentor, but aren’t quite ready to invest in mentoring, this is a great middle-ground!
How do I know it's for me?

Well, if you’re a nice person, you’re motivated & driven to establish & grow your brand or business, then you’re in the right place. Good vibes only. It doesn’t matter what stage of the journey you’re at – you’re in good company!

What if I don't have a business yet?

That’s fine! Some flourishers are at the stage where they’re just discovering their ideas, some are side-hustlers working a 9 to 5, some have just gone freelance & some are well on their way to amazing success! This is why you’ll be benefitting from an array of experiences, insights & expertise from your fellow members.

What types of entrepreneurs & businesses are within flourish?

We have an amazing array of entrepreneurs & businesses as members – & it grows each time doors open. We have freelancers & service-providers, retail outlets (online & offline), product-based businesses, designers & bloggers/influencers. And everything in between..

When will doors open next?
If you’re asking this question, I want you to ask yourself why you’re considering delaying? The fact that you’ve got this far, tells me you want to grow & develop as an entrepreneur & that you’re looking for a community to truly flourish within… so why delay that joy?! Truth is, I don’t guarantee dates of doors opening, but it’s usually every 3-4 months.

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Limited opening doors are only a few times a year! So don’t miss out. Think of what you can achieve in the next few months of 2022 with support, accountability & mojo!


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Payment Plan £39 per month, monthly rolling membership (designed to be a manageable business expense at any level).