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Positive Reflections

by | Jan 15, 2023 | Business Growth, Coaching, Positive Psychology

I wanted to share a super effective Positive Psychology tool with you, that’ll seriously impact your 2023 Growth Plan!

It’s called Positive Reflections & it’s something that I’ve devised, based on my studies of the science of PosPsych… I do it myself, with my clients & my community…

… & it creates laser-focussed goals & up-levels my clients’ growth plans. This is the difference between a 5-figure entrepreneur & a 6/7-figure one!

So what is it?

A simple series of questions that’ll encourage you to go deeper with your goal-setting & ensure you are way more strategic.

In essence, you look back the period of time just gone (previous month, quarter or year) & you document your wins, successes & triumphs. You also document the things that didn’t quite go to plan, or dare I say, “fails”…

…then, instead of just moving on to setting your next month/quarter/annual goals (which you may currently do)…

…you introduce some deeper reflection.

You ask yourself questions such as:

What did that situation/fail/frustration/win/triumph teach me?

How does that inform my strategy going forward?

What changes do I need to make?

What can I double-down on?

What support/development should I seek?

Then you can also use some of the other Positive Psychology tools (which are part of my FLOURISH framework by the way) to add to these Positive Reflections…

Where can I introduce more moments of joy in the coming month/quarter/year?

How can I be in flow more?

Where could I introduce more balance into the mix?

How happy am I right now?

This doesn’t have to take more than 20-30 minutes of journalling, scribbling, bullet-points once a month… but asking yourself these reflective questions will deepen your connection to your biz & also give you much more strategic insight to take it forward.

You’ll be far more intentional with your goal-setting than just looking at the big picture KPIs all the time.

I can’t tell you how this has completely changed the effectiveness of my goal-setting process & works for my clients too. It’s allowed me to really understand my biz & myself as an entrepreneur & it’s meant that I am far more likely to set meaningful goals, that I actually reach.

👉 It directly contributed to how I’m making over £191k of income next year.

FYI – I share PosPsych tools like this every Friday inside my Linkedin Newsletter ‘Entrepreneurs Who Flourish’, so it’s worth subscribe if you’d like to know more about this powerful science of wellbeing, happiness & success. 

 What do you think? Will you add this step to your growth plan?

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