It’s time for you to flourish

Find your flow, grow your business & be your vision of success.

I can help you flourish

Whether it’s overwhelm when it comes to launching or growing your business, confidence when it comes to marketing yourself effectively online, or feeling like you’re stuck a rut – I’m here to help!

I help you with anything and everything to do with your marketing, mindset and business growth strategy.

With 350+ hours of one-to-one mentoring and coaching experience, I have taught 1000s of women (and men) through my programmes, courses & events over the last 8 years.

Holly Wood The Flourish Mentor and client
Holly Wood The Flourish Mentor sitting on stairs in Tuscan Retreat

Hi, I’m holly wood

The first and only Flourish Mentor®

I’m a mother of two beautiful children, a wife, home-owner and founder of my own successful online businesses. The juggle is real, but I wouldn’t have it any other way and after years of slogging the 9 to 5 and beholden to someone else’s schedule, I’m finally flourishing both personally and as an entrepreneur.

I left the 9 to 5 eight years ago, to turn my side hustle into a business (with no business plan, by the way!) and have developed multiple channels of income, on and offline.

As The Flourish Mentor®️, I teach, coach and mentor solopreneurs and small business owners through a variety of online and in-person courses, workshops, programmes, memberships and events. Oh, and I’ve even got my own budding stationery line!

With a background in commercial events, working with brands and people, I truly believe in the power of community and that we all deserve to flourish as individuals and entrepreneurs. That’s what I’m all about.

Studying Psychology and training as a Positive Psychology coach, means that I infuse the individual into everything I do… our personalities and strengths are unique and are the key to building an effective marketing and business growth strategy!

★ My mission is to help thousands of ambitious women build businesses they love to run, earn more money and enjoy more flexibility in their busy lives. 

★ My approach is strategic but laid-back and fun. I am person-centred and results-focussed. I build friendships with my clients and strive to support them on every level. 

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