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Best Apps for Digital Content Creators and Entrepreneurs

by | Jun 20, 2022 | Digital Marketing Strategy, Digital Mentor & Coach

Part of what shapes us as digital entrepreneurs and building a flourishing brand and business online, is the fact that we are content creators too! In fact, some of us (me!), started out as content creators and then moved into business. I was a blogger for 5 years before I launched by own business and became a Founder and CEO.

There’s no getting away from the fact that we need to be creating amazing content online to showcase our brands and businesses and we need to organise ourselves organised to do so effectively. (I actually wrote a post on productivity hacks for solopreneurs).

10 years in, I’ve tried hundreds of apps and digital tools to make the process of growing my brand and business online easier, streamline and fun! So I thought I’d pull together my list of the best apps for digital content creators and entrepreneurs and I’d love to know which ones you use too!

I plan to edit and add this list, as we all know, apps and online tools are launched every day!

Creating content – visuals

Canva – all time favourite and well worth the money to upgrade to Pro (in my opinion)

Lightroom – a must-have to edit your photos & create presets in the best possible way from your phone

Magisto – I’ve got the business account and love the ease of creating impressive videos from a plethora of templates and styles

Videoleap – another fantastic and creative video editor

iMotion – who doesn’t love a stop motion?! I find this app suitably easy to use and intricate enough to create something really cool

Splice – a must-have when editing video on your phone. It’s easy to cut and edit clips together

iMovie – I prefer this on my desktop and it’s a great way of pulling together videos fairly easily (although some more in-depth training is required to create next-level videos)

Unfold – create for more creative insta-story templates

Loom – perfect tool to record your desktop as a video (ie. a presentation or if you’re showing someone how to do something on your screen, you can record it with a voice-over or even your face on there too!)

Getting organised

Asana (some prefer Trello) – perfect for every solopreneur out there, who is juggling multiple things at once. The ideal project management tool.

Later – schedule your social media posts with ease (I find this visual and user-friendly compared to a lot of other schedulers – can also use Buffer, Hootsuite, Planoly)

Other helpful apps/tools

Tailwind – an absolute MUST, if you’re taking your Pinterest strategy seriously (here’s my referral code for a free month)

Garageband – I edit my podcasts simply with this

eCamm – I use this to easily record and separate the audio from skype call podcast interviews

Zoom – I think we are all incredibly familiar with the benefits of Zoom for meetings and webinars!

That’s just a handful of the apps and tools that I use on an almost daily basis (on top of my social media channels of course!).

I’d love to know which apps and tools you couldn’t live without as a content creator and digital entrepreneur?

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