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Positive Psychology and Sales: Strengths Coaching

by | Nov 20, 2023 | Business Growth, Coaching, Digital Mentor & Coach, Mindset, Positive Psychology, Productivity

The topic of Positive Psychology and sales will be a useful read for anyone within an organisation that wants to increase its bottom line and for any business owner/entrepreneur who wants to increase their monthly income.


Positive Psychology and Sales…

There’s a growing body of research that demonstrates that the science of Positive Psychology impacts not only well-being and happiness (I get it, that probably sounds a bit fluffy when ultimately, you’re trying to run a profitable business!), but also productivity and success.

The tools that Positive Psychology can equip you with are incredibly effective to you as a leader and to the business/organisation as a whole. In this article, I’m going to focus on just one of this powerful tools: Strengths Coaching…

Strengths Coaching for Sales Success

Positive Psychology Strengths Coaching can maximise sales success in these 4 key ways…

1. Unlocking confidence

2. Continuous Improvement

3. Effective communication

4. The Ripple effect

Let’s delve into it further.

1. Unlocking Confidence: Understanding your own and your team’s unique strengths lays the foundation for confidence in sales conversations and relationship building. It’s more than just matching skills to roles; it’s about recognising and leveraging each individual’s innate strengths to craft a powerfully effective sales strategy.

2. Continuous Improvement: Empowering yourself and your team with a heightened self-awareness fosters continuous reflection and goal refinement. The outcome? Maximum impact on the bottom line achieved with ease, flow, and positivity.

3. Effective Communication: Furnishing your team with a confident language for seamless communication internally, with clients, and, most importantly, with you, is a key outcome of Strengths Coaching. This creates an environment where conversations flow effortlessly, boosting overall team dynamics.

4. The Extraordinary Ripple Effect: As with every facet of Positive Psychology, the effects are far-reaching. Strengths Coaching not only enhances professional endeavours but also cascades into positive transformations in relationships, parenting and personal pursuits. The ripple effect is nothing short of extraordinary.

I use a few different Positive Psychology Strengths Assessment tools with my clients that come highly recommended & well-researched with the Gallup Strengths finder & VIA Characteristics being two of my favourites.

Positive Psychology and Sales – Strengths Coaching in Action

 It’s one thing identifying those strengths and printing of a list and generic overview (a great starting place!) and its another knowing how to optimally use those unique strengths – and this is where working with a Certified Positive Psychology Coach (like me), can be a great investment when you’re on your self-development and professional-development journey.

It’s important to understand what your unique strengths mean and how they show-up for you. Strengths such as ‘Strategic’ or ‘Futuristic’ can look completely different for different individuals. So the power of strength coaching comes with delving deeper into understanding those strengths: when they are in use, how often, are they underused or overused etc.

And when it comes to an area like increasing sales or sales confidence, the more you can understand your strengths and how to apply them to different scenarios (particularly scenarios that you might find challenging), the more effective your strategies will be and the easier they’ll become to implement.


If you’re interested in strengths coaching with me, please send an email to [email protected] or a DM on instagram with the subject line ‘Strengths Coaching’ and I can send you further details.

If you’d like to start to explore Positive Psychology further, you can download & subscribe to the Flourish First App for just £9.99, so you’ll have the power of Positive Psychology in your back pocket daily.

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