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Best strategies for coaches and mentors to attract high ticket clients

by | Mar 1, 2023 | Business Growth, Coaching

If you are a coach, mentor or service-based business, working directly with clients, chances are that after a bit of time in the game, you’ll want to raise your prices and work with high-ticket clients. (Disclaimer: I don’t believe that this option is right for every coach and mentor and if high-ticket clients aren’t aligned with you, that’s totally cool!).

Working with high-ticket clients as a coach and mentor not only increases your monthly income, but it can often yield seriously powerful results, which strengthens your marketing messaging and therefore attracts more high-ticket clients… thus creating a wonderful evergreen cycle of client attraction.

But how do you attract regular enquiries from high-ticket clients? Well, it’s actually pretty simple, but you definitely want to be intentional and really knowledgeable about your ideal client persona (you can read more about my strategy for persona mapping with depth here).

People aren’t going to part with their hard-earned cash for just any coach or mentor, so they will be looking for one thing in particular – whether you can deliver the specific result that they want! Because that is worth the return on investment, whether that’s £5k, £10k or £100k (yes, some coaches and mentors charge £100k to work with them and deliver incredible results!).

But let’s discuss here, some of the best strategies for coaches and mentors to attract high ticket clients:

1. Networking: Relationships are key at every stage and level of business, but arguably even more so when attracting high-ticket clients. At that level of spend, many people will work with a coach or mentor based on recommendation or word-of-mouth alone. So building relationships and networking with other professionals in business and your industry can help you expand your reach and find potential high ticket clients. Think laterally as within the coaching and mentoring space, everyone has their niche and expertise (so you are not in competition with every other coach and mentor!). Think about how you can build attending conferences, trade shows, and events into your strategy. And look at joining professional organisations, groups and opportunities to collaborate with other coaches and mentors.

2. Know your niche: Offering a specific result and expertise within the coaching and mentoring space will help you attract high ticket clients who are looking for that specialised result or service. By positioning yourself as an expert in a specific niche, you not only differentiate yourself from other coaches and mentors, you strengthen your marketing message and positioning.

3. Content Marketing: As a digital-marketing focussed business mentor, this was obviously going to be in my list! Creating consistent valuable and informative content, is an absolutely integral part of your business growth strategy. A well-rounded digital marketing strategy includes creating regular: blog posts, social media content, email marketing as well as other things like videos, podcasts, e-books, and webinars. The cumulative effect of a well-rounded strategy like this can help you attract high ticket clients by demonstrating your expertise and building trust with your target audience.

4. Offer a break-through call: As mentioned before, relationships are key at the high-ticket level. People will want to ensure they are a good fit with you and vice-versa, so offering a free “break-through” or “discovery” call can help you build rapport with potential clients and give you the opportunity to showcase your expertise and services. It’s a fantastic way to identify if you’d be a good fit for each other and make the sale if they are.

5. Referral or Affiliate Marketing: There are a few ways to utilise this strategy when attracting high-ticket clients. You can encourage your current clients to refer you, but you can also create an offer for your peers and fellow coaches and mentors with a different niche. It’s a great way to attract clients who have already built a trust in someone else, therefore appreciate the personal recommendation.

Something else to mention here if you are aiming to attract high-ticket clients as a coach and mentor… your packages! They should be high-value!

strategies for coaches and mentors to attract high ticket clients

Seems like a no-brainer right? But if you want more high-ticket clients, then you need to offer high-value packages that create incredible results. This might look like intensive workshops, group coaching programmes, 1:1 programmes or VIP days. This will help you attract high ticket clients who are looking for more comprehensive and personalised services.

Remember, building relationships and demonstrating your expertise are key to attracting high ticket clients. By following these strategies and continuously improving your skills and knowledge, you can establish yourself as a leading coach or mentor in your industry.

Challenge yourself to introduce just one of these strategies this month.

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