How to develop a growth mindset

Why having a Coach or Mentor is an integral part of success

by | Business Growth, Digital Mentor & Coach

How many times have you sat there and thought “I’m just not getting to where I want to be”?
How many times have you looked at someone else growing their business and thought “What am I missing?”

How many times have you thought “I might as well just give-up, this isn’t meant for me!”? Chances are, you’ve probably thought all of those things on multiple occasions right? I know that’s what I used to think… I couldn’t figure out why I was working my a*se off, seemingly doing all the right things, but just growing at snail’s pace. It always felt like I was just missing the mark somehow. As a solopreneur, I’ve been at rock-bottom with my business on many occasions – questioning whether I should just throw in the towel and go back to “regular employment”, resigning myself to thinking I’ll only ever make a modest salary to scrape by… You see, a major problem I’ve noticed amongst women solopreneurs like us, is that they are filled with incredible ideas, businesses & drive, however their confidence as an entrepreneur is lacking and their digital marketing strategy is not in-line with what they actually want to achieve. We often think we know what success means to us & we can often compare our journeys to others, to the detriment of our own progress. When this happens, you’re not truly flourishing there – in yourself, or in your business. Imagine a world where you have clarity and focus when it comes to marketing your business, not fear and overwhelm. How amazing would that feel?
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Hi, I'm holly

Digital Marketing & Mindset Mentor

Holly Wood, MSc - has over 10 years experience of building a digital brand and business online. As a blogger, influencer and community founder, Holly is a speaker and mentor, working with women 1:1. Following postgraduate study in Psychology, Holly has a wealth of knowledge in the practical and cognitive steps to building a flourishing brand and successful business online.

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Hi, I’m holly

Your Marketing & Mindset Mentor

I’ve spent over 13 years creating digital content and building a brand online (even though I didn’t entirely know it right at the beginning!). From side-hustler, blogger, to influencer, to speaker, to host, to mentor… the thread that has brought all of those things together is digital marketing and my passion for women to create flexible businesses online and the lives that they want (and deserve), for themselves.

I now successfully combine both digital marketing and mindset, to help my clients reach their goals, grow/scale their businesses, whilst doing something that they actually love!